Kith & Kin

KITH & KIN/Glasgow

If you like _ and _ then you will like Kith & Kin. Fill in the blanks.

(Liam Cairns, vocals/guitar): If you like Fleet Foxes and Midlake then you will like Kith & Kin.

How would you describe your sound in at least one sentence without saying the words ‘and’, ‘is’ and ‘it’?

Non-scottish accented, Scottish folk/pop…

What has 2012 got in store for Kith & Kin?

 Hopefully some EPs, new songs and bigger shows.

They say there’s a time and place for everything. So when’s the best time and where’s the best place to listen to Kith & Kin?

The best place to see and hear us is live! We’re playing on Saturday 18th February at The Captain’s Rest supporting Randolph’s Leap for their album launch.

Who else in the Scottish music scene is floating your boat at the moment?

Well we’ve been listening to a lot of James Yorkston and King Creosote, and in regards to newer bands, we really like Open Swimmer, Song of Return and Admiral Fallow.

And finally, who is the most important member of Kith & Kin?

Bit of a shit question there. I write the songs but everyone helps to arrange all the parts and create the final sound that distinguishes the band. Ultimately everybody is the most important member.

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