Rams’ Pocket Radio

RAMS’ POCKET RADIO/Nice and Sleazy, Glasgow/15.2.12

You’re playing Nice and Sleazy in Glasgow on Wednesday. Why should people come down to check you out?

We do things differently I think. If people like the recordings they seem to love the live thing.

Why is your live show better than anyone else’s?

I can’t comment on other people’s shows. Ours is unique, expect drums, piano and soundscapes and a slightly deconstructive take on pop music.

You’re just coming off the back of supporting Snow Patrol. How do you think your music goes down in big arenas?

We’re comfortable on that stage and the feedback has been great. It’s a totally different type of room to play but the songs and arrangements, by their nature, suit that environment really well.

How far do you think Rams’ Pocket Radio will go in the music industry?

You don’t need the music industry to be a musician.

What do you reckon is the best food accompaniment to Rams’ Pocket Radio and why?

Fressh cafe is our go to spot in Glasgow when we’re playing. Works pretty well!

The Grammy Awards were held at the weekend, but what would mean more to you – a Grammy or knowing that your collective mothers are proud of your musical career?

Our families and friends are more important than any award.

And finally, product designer Dieter Rams’ pocket radios look pretty utilitarian. Is that reflected in your music?

I sometimes have a bit of an ethical approach to writing and sometimes I’ll develop my ideas using processes similar to those I learned in my architecture days. At the end of the day it’s art, so the program is very loose. It’s for the listeners to hear, explore and take pleasure in. I think music shouldn’t need contextualising, despite how weird or wonderful the writer’s process is.


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