1. Everyone’s favourite gloom rockers The Twilight Sad are a generous bunch. As if releasing the finest misery fuelled album you’re likely to hear all year wasn’t enough, the Kilsyth trio have been kind enough to give us all a bonus track to wrap our ears around. Did someone say bleak power ballad? Whitney Houston would be spinni…too soon? Give ‘Tell Me When We’re Having Fun’ a spin here.

2. Friend of The Daily Dose and all round good egg Rachel Sermanni‘s video for ‘Song For a Fox’ hit the staggering 40,000 views mark yesterday. Her debut EP was released earlier this month and has been on heavy rotation on our stereo (We wish we had a stereo…) You can get a copy of ‘Black Currents’ here for just a fiver and she’ll even sign it for you if you ask her nicely (you don’t actually have to ask, they’re all signed)

3. Capitals have announced their new single will be released on 12 March. ‘Jealousy’ is the duo’s first proper single and it does not disappoint. Having caught them live we predict good things, even though we’re still trying to work out how the pair of them make such a din. We suspect a backing track…Have a listen here.

By Finlay Matheson

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