Dananananaykroyd and Disposable Cameras

October 28, 2011

Okay, so here’s the backstory. In June this year, Dananananaykroyd played a sweatbox gig the Ivy bar in Glasgow along with Young Legionnaire and Bronto Skylift. The chap behind The Daily Dose had been asked by a magazine to give Dana... and some members of crowd a bunch of disposable cameras to document the night. Eventually the magazine decided the photos weren’t ‘strong enough’ to run the feature. So instead of them going to waste, we decided to upload some of them here. Unfortunately, the band recently announced that their upcoming tour will be their last, so go see them tomorrow night at Glasgow’s ABC and wave your goodbyes…


Caitlin Lindsay

May 13, 2011


1. The Twilight Sad at the Tolbooth, Stirling

Being able to capture this enigmatic band was an amazing experience. They’ve always been a favourite of mine and I have to admit I was in quite a surreal place while shooting, couldn’t quite believe what I was doing. I’ve lived in Stirling all my life, watching the music scene grow and expand. It is great to have venues like the Tolbooth who make such a great effort to bring some of the biggest, most inspiring acts to our fair city but who also do much to support the young artists starting out on their journey. They also gave me my first proper photo job. It may have only been covering Battle of the Bands but it really let my passion flourish! I always feel very lucky and humbled to be able to shoot in such an amazing venue filled with people who really believe in the arts and want to keep it alive.

2. Brazil Exists

This is a promo shot I did for my great friends Brazil Exists. They trusted me to do their first photo shoot (mine too) a while back and then came back to me again to do their second. I love doing promo shoots as maybe only two or three photos will get used from the whole set but I’ll always have those little pieces of history…and if they make the big time I’ve got some rare, money making shots on my person – bonus! I think it is very important in a business such as this with so much competition to have great people around you. These guys have helped and supported me so much since I began and I really do hope they get the success they deserve.

3. Fenech-Soler at Reloaded Fest, Tolbooth, Stirling

This was one of the most amazing and daunting days of my life. I was trusted to cover a whole festival on my own that was normally done by three or four photographers, I’d been told. No pressure there then! Luckily everything went incredibly well and the shots turned out great. I particularly like this shot as this was one of the last times Fenech-Soler played a small venue. Got a bit carried away while shooting as these guys put on such a show and have cracking stage presence. Think everyone in the building knew they were watching something special.

4. Miniature Dinosaurs at King Tut’s, Glasgow

Think I’ve been to a very high percentage of these guys’ gigs! Love them all and the top-notch music they produce. I feel privileged to watch them as they have come so far in the couple of years they have been together and I hope I can continue to watch as they get bigger and bigger. I feel being behind the lens gives you a great view of how people grow, change and react. The ‘Dinos’ have really grown into their sound I think and I believe are going to leave a good mark on music, as do all who listen to their recordings and see them live. I suggest catching them now before they sky rocket!

5. Little Eskimos at Fubar, Stirling

I’m also very lucky to work with Bulge Promotions who put on many, many amazing gigs in Stirling. They, along with the Tolbooth, put so much time and effort into making the Stirling music scene as great as it is. And with compelling bands like Little Eskimos breaking through from the Stirling scene I think we’re not far off being close contenders with the likes of Glasgow and Edinburgh and I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a vibrant, diverse community.

Equipment – Nikon D80, Nikon D7000, Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G, Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G

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Al Donnelly

April 15, 2011



My first photoshoot ‘proper’ – James Mackenzie & the Aquascene back in the summer of 2010. I’d been doing a lot of live stuff with the band so when they needed some promo stuff done I was the natural choice (and I’m cheap!). This was done on a lovely evening up at the then guitarist Cameron’s home/building site near Inverness. It’s taken from the top floor of a log cabin’s frame and is probably my favourite of all that sessions shots. Unfortunately this line-up no longer exists so the collection is pretty much redundant now – shame, we did some good stuff. Even the dog thought so…I’m pleased to say that I’m working with James again at the moment.

Equipment: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 18 – 135. f4.8 @ 48mm.


Highland News Group very nicely gave me a three day media pass for Rockness Festival last year. One of the big attractions for the weekend had to be Blondie on the main stage at 6pm on the Sunday evening. No light shows, no effects etc – nothing to hide behind. This is definitely not my best shot from the weekend but undoubtedly one of my favourites. She’s getting on a bit is old Debbie and I remember shooting Chris Stein but at the same time noticing Debbie lifting her shades to look at what I presume was a teleprompter type affair for her lyrics. Well, some of these songs are over 30 years old. Couldn’t resist getting this  shot but had to be quick hence the shocking composition – managed to get my hero Clem Burke in though.

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 18 – 135. f5.7 @ 90mm.


Another favourite from the Rockness weekender. I got really into shooting the crowd – they love a photographer and a lot of the ‘big guns’ concentrate on getting the money shots of the stage. These guys were going nuts for Fatboy Slim. He made the snappers wait till 10 minutes into his set before we were led out so the crowd are well and truly up for it by then. A friend commented that he could almost smell the portaloos in this one – I liked that…Someone else mentioned apocalyptic!

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 18 – 135. f3.9 @ 24mm.


One of my favourite bands to shoot have to be The Leonard Jones Potential. A very photogenic Michelle Davidson was a joy to photograph on New Year’s Eve 2010. They’d had a fantastic year with appearances on Craig Charles’ show on BBC 6Music and finished it off with a full house for Hogmanay at Ceol-Mor Inverness. A happy band makes for a happy crowd and a very happy photographer.

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 50mm. f1.4 @ 50mm.


The Lushrollers
are one of Inverness’s best-kept secrets. A collection of extremely talented but very humble musicians who I’ve been a huge fan for many years. Got the opportunity to photograph them at their ‘comeback’ gig at Belladrum in August last year but Christmas Eve at Ceol-Mor was an even better opportunity for up-close and personal shots. A favourite from the night was this one of Robin just listening to Willie Macaskill opening a song and waiting for his cue to come in.

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 50mm. f1.4 @ 50mm.


Brian Vass

October 29, 2010



This photograph was taken at a Lost City Lights single launch at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. They are an excellent band to shoot and I had a great time that night. The reason I chose this is that I love solid, balanced, contrasty black and whites. There was no pit at this gig and the audience were a few feet away from the stage leaving me room to manoeuvre, which is handy when using a prime lens.

Equipment: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D


This image is from the first gig I ever shot. I was a little self-conscious and somewhat apologetically took this image of the cello player of Withered Hand. She was an interesting subject as you don’t often see cello players at gigs, let alone one with a Darth Vader sticker on display. I also like the two vertical strips of lights behind her. The 50mm f1.4 does a beautiful job of throwing backgrounds out of focus.

e: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D


I had been listening to Everything Everything for a while and jumped at the chance to photograph them at King Tut’s. The guitarist (pictured here) was in his own little world throughout the gig; lost in the music, eyes closed, head moving slowly from side to side. This is the shot of him that stood out the most due to its composition. A reviewer at the same show commented that he looked knackered. I prefer my version.

e: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D


This is a shot from Sigur Ros lead singer Jonsi’s gig in Glasgow this year. I choose this as it reminds of a very moving evening. Possibly the best live performance I’ve seen. There was a moment when he moved away from the microphone and I captured this silhouette. This was during one of the songs when he paused and stood silently, along with the entire audience, for a good 30 seconds. Not a whisper. I got quite caught up in the moment and stopped shooting. This was an incredibly tricky gig to shoot as he barely moved an inch during the first three songs and the lighting was minimal. It was a good lesson in working with what you have.

e: Nikon D300/80-200mm f2.8


Another shot from the Lost City Lights gig. I wasn’t entirely sure about this one at first as it breaks some rules in terms of focusing, but I really do love it. His pose, the direction of the lights, and the flick of the lead made it too eye catching to pass on.

e: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D


Euan Robertson

October 22, 2010


1. The Xcerts – Tolbooth, Stirling.

Having lived in Stirling for 5 years, it wasn’t until I moved to Glasgow that I actually made it to a gig in the ‘city’s’ Tolbooth. It was also the first time I’d seen The Xcerts play, having been a fan since hearing In The Cold Wind We Smile a long while before. The lighting for the support bands hadn’t been great so I was pleasantly surprised when The Xcerts came on and I managed to get this shot of Murray which I really like.

2. Bronto Skylift – Bothwell Lane, Glasgow.

I’ve been pretty lucky to have been involved with Detour Scotland for a while, but at the first ‘Wee Jaunt’ I was totally in the dark about what was happening. Rounding a corner and finding Bronto on the street was a pretty surreal moment. This is definitely one of the pictures I’m most pleased with. I took a lot during the really short set and this was one of the only ‘keepers’. Couldn’t have asked for better conditions really.

3. Alex Kapranos – A Caravan, Wickerman.

I had been down at the main stage photographing Futureheads when I got a phone call telling me to get up to the acoustic village sharpish. Running into a backstage area with no real right to, I found the Detour & Glasgow Podcart crews ready to film Alex playing a short set. There were only maybe 10 people there, some lovely music, and a really lovely guy. Great moment that I’m glad I ran in wellies for.

4. Dragon (Sucioperro) – King Tuts, Glasgow.

I love this band and have seen them loads of times, but this was the first that I’d had the opportunity to photograph them. I was pretty delighted to be at such close quarters, although in those circumstances I’m always a bit worried that I look like a fanboy with a camera. I think I got away with it!

5. Be A Familiar – Classic Grand, Glasgow.

I’ve been photographing shows for the promoters ‘Pelmet Nites’ for the past few months. This was their most recent show which was also Be A Familiar’s album launch / farewell gig. The lighting in the larger of The Classic Grand’s rooms is always pretty good. I saw the light catch him as he lifted his trumpet but missed a couple of shots. Thankfully it came back around exactly as it had and I managed to get the shot with his head caught in the light beam.

If you’ll allow me a shamless plug, I’ve just launched a new website where you can see some more of my music photography as well as the other things I get up to with my camera.

Photo Friday – The Best So Far

October 15, 2010

Thirteen is unlucky for some, but thankfully for The Daily Dose, it’s our favourite number. We’ve showcased thirteen Scottish/Scottish based music photographers since we began on our Photo Friday section – so what better time to look back at some our favourite shots they have submitted.














As always, if you’re into music photography – be it live, promo or just anything musical – then get in touch at hello@thedailydose.co.uk.

Nicola Sharkey

October 8, 2010

Nicola Sharkey/Dundee

1. The View.

It was The View‘s finishing date of their 2008 UK tour at Fat Sam’s in Dundee. Primarily, it was the first time I had ever been in a photo pit, and it was quite an exciting experience all around as they were one of the biggest acts I had taken photos of at the time. I was allowed to take photos during the first three songs, no flash. The group were excellent to photograph, and the lighting was perfect that night.

2. Beautiful By Design.

One of my favourite acts to photograph are Beautiful By Design. Their live show is spectacular – they have so much energy onstage, it’s incredible. The photograph I have chosen was taken at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, where the group were being filmed for TFTV. Initially that night I was supposed to be attending an exhibition of photography work at Stereo, which my work was actually included in. However, I knew I couldn’t miss Beautiful By Design‘s show, so I ended up going to see them instead! It has definitely been one of my favourite live sets I have taken this year.

3. S.C.U.M.

This photograph of S.C.U.M was taken at The Captain’s Rest in Glasgow. The band had a couple of strobe lights with them, and the venue had very dim red light in the background. Needless to say it was one of the hardest gigs to photograph, but I like a good challenge as it always keeps you on top of everything, and makes you realise what your strengths and weaknesses are. For this shot, I managed to capture a moment in time with the strobe light of Thomas Cohen playing the tambourine.

4. Ipso Facto.

I took this photograph of Ipso Facto, also at The Captain’s Rest in Glasgow. They are an all female band, dressed in monochrome, who play psychedelic rock music with a 60’s mod vibe. Sadly the band are no longer together, but I still think this is one of my favourite shots I have taken. My main idea was to capture the vintage black and white look that the band endear.

5. The Mirror Trap.

My first ever promotional photoshoot was The Mirror Trap. As I had never taken anything similar previously, I was quite worried that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the results. However, I am really happy with what I managed to capture in the end. I never imagined myself doing a promo shoot before, so I am glad that I took that next step. It made me realise there are no boundaries in photography. The photo itself was taken at a beach and we had mirror boxes that the band brought along with them to incorporate with their name. It was a great idea and it really completed the photoshoot.