The Daily Dose presents…Carnivores, The Darien Venture, Cuddly Shark, No Island @ Stereo, March 5

We’ve decided to put on another gig. This time round, proceeds will be going towards the charity Action For Children. We might be a tiny bit biased, but…it’s going to be great. The line-up sees Carnivores, The Darien Venture, Cuddly Shark and No Island take to Stereo, Glasgow on March 5. Tickets can be bought here or on the door on the night. Why not check out the Facebook event page whilst you’re at it?

We want to give you a taste of the people behind the music, so say hello to Carnivores


If you like _ and _ then you will like Carnivores. Fill in the blanks.

(Kenny Leckie, guitar/vocals): If you like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Weezer then you will like Carnivores.

You’re playing the Daily Dose presents…gig at Stereo, Glasgow on March 5. Why should people come down and check out your live show?

We know our music can be quite serious, so live we always try to have as much fun as possible. We hate bands that look po-faced or bored onstage. Grant, our bassist always calls it a release. We go out to hammer ourselves around the stage and get all our anger out. Christ, that makes us sound like Slipknot or Korn! It’s actually a good laugh, and we try and get the crowd involved. Basically treating 100 capacity clubs like Wembley stadium.

There’s another Carnivores, from Atlanta in the US. Who got the name first?

Here’s the thing, we both formed so soon after each other that I emailed their label saying ‘Look, when you guys are in the UK you be Carnivores (US) and we’ll be Carnivores (UK) if we ever play in the States’ – sort of nice and polite. Never got the decency of a reply. Apparently they played Stereo last year and about 15 kids turned up to see us and gave them a power of abuse. So fuck ’em.

What’s the best time of the day to listen to Carnivores?

All the time! It’s definitely ‘getting stuff done’ music, not ‘chilling out with a babe and a drink’ music. We get a lot of tweets saying that we’re great gym music. I’ve always liked to write music that represents us as people and we’re all totally hyper and have no attention span and can’t sit still. So it’s probably best to listen to us if you need to do something very quickly!

What does the rest of 2012 have in store for the band?

We’re finishing our album which I think we have a title for, but I’m not telling you yet! We hope to get a shit tonne more touring this year. Plus, us and a few friends are filming a documentary about how to be a DIY band. So lots, hopefully.

On average how long does it until a Carnivores gets stuck in your head?

Ask the fans! I dunno, I usually write everything at home on an acoustic and if it’s good, it’s usually in my head till I get to teach it to the boys. It’s a blessing and a curse really cause sometimes I write really late at night and all I think about is the riff. I’m a total pest when I’ve ideas to get down! Our songs are weird though, the ones we think are the weirdest end up being the fans favourites.

What’s your most favourite thing and least favourite thing about the Scottish music scene?

I really like the fact that it’s a scene that isn’t based on one type of music. Like Seattle was all grungy rock, Manchester was all indie – Scotland is so varied. Just look at the bills we end up on, it’s great. You learn so much more from other types of music. Like we played a fest in Paisley that was us, Lafontaines, Fatherson, Lightguides, All The Queens Bovine and otherpeople. All different music, but all with the same attitude of just getting out and playing shows without an ego.

My two least favourite things are a) the bitchiness towards bands who get marginally bigger. Like when T-Break got announced last year and everyone who didn’t get picked had theories about who was shagging who to get in the door. I don’t think anyone slagged us though, because they know we work hard and are totally DIY, no management/labels/press etc. And cause we’re all mental.

And b) There’s been a few cases in Scotlandof late of bands who get signed to major record companies after like three shows. They get loads of money pumped into them, pushed all over the press, sent out on tour, make records with big name producers but are fucking themselves up with drugs. These people don’t realise they’re in a position that 9/10 bands would kill for and will never get. I think anyone who reads this will know the two or three bands I mean. It’s disgusting to see that in times when the music industry is struggling, these idiots are wasting the opportunity they have to totally live the dream but instead they become sick prima donna rock star parodies. I mean, we’ve all seen Trainspotting – why would you mess about with smack?

And finally who is the most carnivorous in the band?

Grant is a bit of a salad freak, he likes a bit of everything. Goody was Mr Chicken Nuggets 1997 until his girlfriend started getting him into veg. So that leaves me…I’ll eat anything dead. My best friend is a veggie though, that balances it up I suppose. All our merch is suitable for vegans, I must add. I tried to get vegan trainers once, they were pish.

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