Metal Monday

January 23, 2012

Here at The Daily Dose like a bit of metal, so it’s a good thing that there’s plenty of the stuff in Scotland over the next couple of months…

Four Year Strong, who so valiantly bridge the gap between metal and pop-punk, take to the Garage in Glasgow on 28 January, whilst the same venue plays host to metalcore troupe The Devil Wears Prada eight days later on 5 February. The latter aren’t very good, but they’re quite popular. We’re sorry if you like them, but your silly opinions are misguided.

To a double bill then genuinely worth wetting yourself for as Mastodon bring with them one of rock and roll’s best live acts, The Dillinger Escape Plan, to the Barrowland, Glasgow on 7 February. We reckon Mastodon‘s ‘The Hunter’ was the best album of 2011; will this be the best gig on 2012? Maybe. Probably not. Will it? Okay then.

Mastodon: So good they don’t even need faces

Only a day later and progressive metal godfathers Dream Theater visit the same city, set to excel once again in their whole no-one-knows-about-us-yet-we’re-massive-and-pretty-amazing thing that they do; they are genuinely incredible however, both in their musicianship and songwriting nous. Pulled Apart By Horses, who deserve a big audience too, play King Tut’s on 13 February, and although they’re not typically metal, there’s certainly a lot of hairy balls and chunk going on. That is ‘hairy’ balls and chunk – not ‘hairy balls’ and chunk – although we’re pretty sure cumulatively their baby-makers equate the hairiness of eight coconuts.

And what better way to end this post than with a look at 8 March; the day when metal takes over Glasgow’s ABC – the salad bowl that usually consists of indie kids, freshers and sweaty hunters looking for aforementioned fresher prey. And the salad dressing? Well, there’s probably not a lot of dressing, to be fair. Upstairs in ABC1 under the fancy disco ball you’ve got death overlords Cannibal Corpse headlining a Metal Hammer sponsored shindig, whilst downstairs in the smaller ABC2 are the fantastic Protest The Hero. They don’t deserve to come over all the way from Canada to play in that horrible, pitch-black room with that corner where last night ‘Wee Johnny’ from the Caley Uni halls puked up 99p jelly vodkas. Poor them – take pity and buy ten tickets each so next time they come to Scotland they get bumped up. Just look at the video still below: the bassist is playing whilst walking a dog, and the guitarist is rocking out on a bike. What’s not to like?