The Holy Ghosts


If you like _ and _ then you will like the Holy Ghosts. Fill in the blanks.

 If you like rock and roll then you will like the Holy Ghosts.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?

Chuck Berry having a threesome with Janis Joplin and Keith Richards whilst Johnny Cash has a quick peep through the keyhole. Blues and country meets good old rock n’ roll.

What has 2012 got in store for the Holy Ghosts?

Getting some tracks down is our main priority – we actually hope to start recording this weekend. The songs have been around for some time and we are ready to go balls deep. Fire it up! After the success of our first DIRRTY BLUES night we have agreed to start our residency slot at The Fiddlers Elbow in Edinburgh, showcasing some of the best blues, country and rock n’ roll music on the Scottish scene. We have quite a few Scottish dates lined up including a visit up to Shetland along with dates in Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh and a few others still to be confirmed. We also have a few gigs in Ireland including Dublin. Hopefully we will get a few festivals and gigs in England under our belt by the end of the summer. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for updates.

Jack – you recently left Edinburgh band The Stagger Rats. Do you leave with fond memories?

I leave with a damaged liver and hazy memories! Yeah, glad to have done it but wouldn’t rush to do play bass again anytime soon. Having way too much fun doing this. This feels like a natural progression. This definitely butters my crumpet.

They say there’s a time and place for everything. So when’s the best time and where’s the best place to listen to the Holy Ghosts?

Anytime and anywhere baby. We’re cooking with gas!

What’s the favourite lyric you’ve written for the Holy Ghosts?

Gotta be ‘Keep running wild through hills made from stone, you’re lost honey child but your fate it is your own, we sailed the seven seas on a boat made from skin, you know it’s all a dream, a dream that we are in’. Don’t ask what it means cause we are still trying to figure this one out.

And finally, your guitarist Jon is the singer of tribute band the Complete Stone Roses, who have played many massive venues across the country. But if you could play in any tribute band, what would it be and why?

He has recently left the Completes actually! Taking him a while to adjust back into normality after all those years of being Ian Brown…only just stopped wearing Adidas tops and walking like a Mancunian. Tribute bands? Mmm, that’s a tricky one…well it would have to be a tribute to a band that no longer exists. Someone like The Cramps or Eddie Cochran, possibly The Velvet Underground or Wham!. No…ABBA, that’s it.

You can catch the band at:

Nice n’ Sleazy, Glasgow – 9 Feb
Dirty Martinis, Kilmarnock – 11 Feb
Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 17 Feb
The Fiddlers Elbow, Edinburgh – 18 Feb
Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 19 Feb
The Royal British Legion, Lerwick, Shetland – 7 April
Hoots, Inverness – 13 April


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