Young Aviators


If you like _ and _ then you will like Young Aviators. Fill in the blanks.

(Declan McKay): If you like Weezer and The Beach Boys then you will like Young Aviators.

You’re from Ireland, but now live in Glasgow. Why did you come over?

We had to escape the sectarian tribalism of Northern Ireland, so we decided to move to Glasgow. Grim jokes aside… we basically came to Glasgow to attend university and partake in the city’s sparkling music scene.

You’re releasing a new EP soon with a gig at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy on 13 Dec. Why should people come down and check it all out?

It’s going to be a great night. It’s our first gig in Glasgow after coming back from tour and we really love playing Sleazy’s, as punters seem to have a better ‘all-round-night-out’ than some other venues in the city (that will remain nameless). It’s also probably the last time you’ll be able to purchase a hard copy of our EP as they’re nearly sold out.

A lot of bands speak about their influences, but who would you say is Young Aviator’s quintessential anti-influence?

Anything bland…Snowplay or whatever they’re called.

Do you ever wear Aviator glasses?

I do actually own a pair of aviator glasses, but have yet to wear them on stage. I’m waiting for that perfect rock ‘n’ roll moment when everything just falls into place and an unsigned band playing in front of four people can get away with wearing sunglasses indoors.

Who is the best member of the band?

I am. Obviously.

And finally, you butter both sides of a slice of toast. Which side does it land on?

I’m not sure if we’re talking literally here, or if this is some type of wider metaphor for life…or if it’s just inferred that the toast then falls off a table? I’m going to go for the literal option and go try it out in my kitchen [He returns from kitchen] It fell directly on its side, wobbled for a few seconds and then my cat came and licked the butter off. Now, there’s a metaphor for wider life-experience.

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