Every Time I Die

Photo: Dana Hawley

EVERY TIME I DIE/King Tut’s, Glasgow/07.11.11

You’re playing in Glasgow on 7 December. Is Scotland a place that holds many memories for you?

(Jordan Buckley, guitar): It’s just one blurry jumbled memory of awesome shows. We always play the same place and it’s always amazing. And when you’re a band that tours for a living, that’s the best memory to possibly have!

Why is your live show better than anyone else’s?

I mean, I’m told we are energetic. And are crowds are pretty rowdy and fun to watch too. Plus you never know when Keith is going to drink a beer out of someone’s fake leg.

For someone who has never heard Every Time I Die before, how would you sum up the music in three words?

Best shit ever.

There’s a time and a place for everything. So what’s the best place and best time to listen to Every Time I Die?

I would have to say the best place is in front of the stage at whatever venue we are playing on the night we are playing there. CDs are cool and all but we exist as a band to play shows for out of control kids.

Your last album, New Junk Aesthetic, came out in 2009. When’s the next one due to land?

First thing next year. It’s been done for a while, but every single CD we’ve ever made came out in the fall. We wanted to see what it would be like to put a CD out in the winter or spring. I wish there was a more exciting reason, like the studio got robbed and someone stole it so we had to rewrite everything, but no, we just wanted to switch things up.

Will it be the best thing you’ve ever written?

It already is! I mosh to it every morning when I wake up.


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