The James Cleaver Quintet

THE JAMES CLEAVER QUINTET/King Tut’s, Glasgow/16.11.11

You’re playing Glasgow tomorrow night. Why should people come down and check it out?

(Maud and Paul): If people want to have an enlightening experience through several dimensions we recommend you come to the show and receive the nicest punch in the ear-drums you’ll ever get.

Is Scotland a place that holds many memories for you?

Maud’s Aunt lives in Bridge of Allan so he’s got a bunch of fond memories. As far as the band goes, one time Jim and Maud downed a bottle of Buckfast each, which set them up for a two hour drum ‘n bass rave in the back of the van, topless, standing on their seats losing their minds.

Why is your live show better than anyone else’s?

It’s better than anyone else’s because half way through our set, Dave Benson Phillips runs on stage and gunges a random member of the audience.

How would you sell your music to someone that has never heard it before?

Threaten their loved ones.

Your album just got called the ‘debut album of the year’ by Kerrang! magazine. We’re inclined to agree with them, but do you pay much attention to critics?

That’s very kind of you! We certainly like to check out what people are saying about our music, but as far as actually ‘listening’ to what they have to say, it doesn’t change what we think about our music, and it’ll never change what we do or who we are. At the end of the day only Satan can judge us…

You’re from Kent. Does your music reflect what it’s like to live in Kent?

Paul, Martin and Jack are from Kent but Jim and Maud are from Eastbourne, where the band started. It’s certainly reflective of a lot of small town frustrations, especially the general lack of creative ambition small towns breed, and the obvious want to get out. But we’re not singing directly about the towns, like how much I hate the guy that runs the Millie’s Cookies shop in Eastbourne and shit like that.

And finally – you were recently the stars of a Lucozade advert, playing Feeder’s ‘Buck Rogers’ down a road. But what’s your favourite energy drink?

Well, obviously it’s got to be Lucozade. We love Lucozade, I bathe in Lucozade every week so I don’t have to sleep and I have more time to drink more Lucozade.

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