Veronica Falls

VERONICA FALLS/Captain’s Rest, Glasgow/22.10.11

You’re playing in Glasgow on 22 October. Why should people come down and check you out?

(Patrick Doyle, drums): Because otherwise the show will be empty and nobody wants that, do they?

Why is your live show better than anyone else’s?

I never said it was! But it probably is…

You’ve got strong links with Scotland, with half the band originally from Glasgow, before moving to London. How much of Scotland do you think comes through in your music?

I think any influences that come out in music are only ever subconscious, so it’s kind of impossible to say. But I know that I’m personally influenced by a lot of Scottish music, so hopefully some of it comes out in our music.

What is the best time of the day to listen to Veronica Falls?

At night, in the dark, in a club, hopefully with a smoke machine in full blaze.

You recently released your self-titled debut album. Have you been pleased with music critics’ response to it?

I haven’t had a chance to read much of it as we’ve been on the road for the last few weeks, but maybe that’s a good thing. I tend to read too much into reviews sometimes, which can be pretty unhelpful.

What’s 2012 got in store for Veronica Falls?

Shoulder length hair, hopefully.

And finally – Veronica falls over on the street. Do you help her up?

Absolutely not.


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