Young Legionnaire

Photo: Stuart Leech

YOUNG LEGIONNAIRE/King Tut’s, Glasgow/05.10.11

You’re playing Glasgow tomorrow night. Why should people come down and check you out?

(Gordon Moakes, bass): The quick answer is why not? But more seriously, if you ever think, I wish there were more good, heavy, interesting bands that would come through town. And if you love to be brutalised by a gorgeous wash of noise, then this is for you. Plus, the tickets are great value.

Is Scotland a place that holds many memories for you?

Oh wow. So many things. Going right back to holidays near Inverness in my teens.  But gig-wise, great times at King Tut’s, gigs at the Barrowland, and the chance to get to places like Dunfermline. Not to mention the fantastic bands from Scotland. Dananananaykroyd and United Fruit are two great bands just now.

What are your pre-show rituals?

Tuning guitars. Plugging things in. Putting alcohol inside our bodies.

You’re a bit of a rock ‘supergroup’, with members of Bloc Party and yourcodenameis:milo/The Automatic among the ranks. How much of those bands come through in Young Legionnaire’s music?

Not sure. Inasmuch as those things are also expressions of who we are. I’m sure there are links, but maybe a musicologist could provide a little more detail.

Young Legionnaire’s 2011 has been pretty busy. But what does 2012 have in store?

2012 is likely to be more of a quiet year for YL. We all have lots of things to juggle!

How often do you listen to your own music?

More than is advisable. I end up coming back to it to check it against other records to see that we got it all as heavy as planned. By and large, we did.

And finally – they say there is a time and a place for everything. So what’s the best time and best place to listen to Young Legionnaire at?

Probably at a Young Legionnaire gig, in close proximity to the PA. I’ve heard it works well in thunderstorms too.

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