Shambles Miller (via Twitter)


The sun has gone to our giddy heads here at The Daily Dose, so we thought we’d do a Q&A with a Scottish music type via the medium of Twitter, instead of bog standard emails. Who did we choose? Acoustic dynamo Shambles Miller, that’s who. It needs to be said that he performed most valiantly against the constraints of 140 characters.

Find out what happened in true verbatim glory below, or check out our respective Twitter accounts – @the_daily_dose and @shamblesmiller.

@shamblesmiller Hi Shambles. If you like _ and _ then you will like @shamblesmiller. Fill in the blanks please

@the_daily_dose Songs and beards.

@shamblesmiller You’re just one man and his guitar. Do you feel vulnerable on stage?

@the_daily_dose No, not really. No more than anyone sharing their music normally would. I have the things that make the noises, y’see.

@shamblesmiller Funnily enough, your real name isn’t Shambles. But what’s the most shambolic thing about your life?

@the_daily_dose (sssh, the fourth wall!) Apart from most of my choices and my general appearance? I’m often running late. And very clumsy.

@shamblesmiller How would you describe your music in three words?

@the_daily_dose Songs I wrote.

@shamblesmiller You’re often associated with being a politically minded folk singer. Is that a fair tag?

@the_daily_dose It’s fair, aye. My stuff’s probly more observational in general; what I see & care about. I’ve a soft spot for protest songs

@shamblesmiller Do you think that as long as there is a Mr. Miller, there will always be a Shambles Miller?

@the_daily_dose That’s the thing about being a solo artist. I can’t split up, just…keep going or stop. I plan to keep going.

@shamblesmiller And finally, one from the people (or @colinbell, to be specific). What’s your favourite webcomic?

@the_daily_dose Apart from xkcd? Well, I recently contributed a theme tune to @JonbotVsMartha, a very funny robot/human divorce comic.

@shamblesmiller Some nice shameless plugging there. Well thank you for your time, and I hope you have fun playing in Ayr tonight.

@the_daily_dose Sham(eless)bles Miller. Think that’s too clunky to catch on. Thanks for having me, it’s been a thing I’ve experienced. Bye!

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