It’s fair to say MakethisRelate‘s summer has been a pretty good one so far. The Glasgow based alt-rockers were one of this year’s finalists in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition – meaning that they got to play a number of UK festivals including T in the Park, Download, Sonisphere and Underage.

We were attending Sonisphere anyway so managed to catch a quick chat with the band at the Knebworth festival in early July about how everything came together – and look out in the coming weeks too for a diary from the chaps themselves about their glorious festival experiences.

How’s the Red Bull Bedroom Jam venture been so far?

Kevin Walls (guitar/vocals): It’s like it happens, but you don’t take it in until weeks later when you kind of reflect on it. Right now, it’s totally overwhelming. It’s so surreal, but it’s great.

How did the whole process start?

We uploaded a video to the Red Bull Bedroom Jam website and from there people could vote for and comment on the video. It created a buzz and you could move up a buzz chart thing. We did a live show from the bedroom as well. We all piled into our drummer’s bedroom. It actually wasn’t the most cramped venue we’ve played!

How would you describe your sound?

I guess it is guitar based rhythmical rock music with honest lyrics and a predominantly Scottish vocal. We have been compared to Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic and every other band that sings with a Scottish accent, but I think we’re different than them. We’re quite influenced by pop punk music, as well as hardcore punk and classic rock.

On a scale of one to a hundred, how excited are you for T in the Park?

I’d break the scale. But I hate people that break the scale, so I’d say 100. I think it’s a place that only exists on TV and isn’t real…it’s like being starstruck as a place. A lot of people going this year have been following our music and we’ve got family going too.

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