Vivian Girls

VIVIAN GIRLS/Captain’s Rest, Glasgow/18.07.11

You’re playing Glasgow on 18 July. Why should people come down and check you out?

(Cassie Ramone, guitar/vocals): People should come out because we only play Glasgow about once a year, so it might be your only chance to see us for a while.

Is Scotland a place that holds many memories for you?

Yes. I remember getting into a fight with my boyfriend and then having a drink at the casino before hopelessly trying to sleep at the Etap hotel. I remember being put up in a great mansion and taking a luxurious bath in a claw foot tub. I remember seeing our record in Monorail and being really excited.

What is different about your live show that makes it better than anyone else’s?

I wouldn’t say our live show is ‘better’ than anyone else’s, but I think we do play with an intensity and energy that the crowd is usually excited about!

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Vivian Girls Sound.

Lo-fi music seems to be pretty popular at the moment. What’s the secret to its success?

A lot of great songwriters are in the ‘lo-fi movement’.

Does being an all girl band empower you? Or does it have no effect on music and the music industry?

It goes back and forth. We try not to let the bad parts affect us too much and only focus on the good. Although I’ve never been in an all-male band, it seems like there is slightly more adversity towards a band of all women, but we’re tough as nails when we have to be, so it works out ok for us.

And finally…people get asked who their musical influences are all the time – so who would you say are your biggest anti-influences?

Anti-influences? There are lots of bands we don’t like listening to, but I don’t think any of them has had us saying ‘Let’s not sound like that’. Personally, I don’t really like a lot of stuff on the classic rock section.


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