Pete and the Pirates

Last week we posted a competition to win tickets to Sailor Jerry Presents: Pete and the Pirates in Glasgow on May 27, with support from Let’s Buy Happiness and Schnapps. Well, the competition closes tomorrow, so you’d better get entering quick…


We took some time out to speak to David and Tom from Pete and Pirates – read what they had to say below…

You’re playing
Glasgow on Friday. Why should people come down and check you out?

So that they will see that we are great, and will buy our album, then play it to their friends who will do the same, and then we will become rich and buy many cars and houses.

Is Scotland a place that holds many memories for you?

Driving through the night from London to Inverness, and hitting the Highlands as the sun came up – my favourite drive of all time.

Are Pete and the Pirates best heard live or on record?

Buy the record, come to the gig and tell us what you think! (@petepirates)

If you could metaphor-ise Pete and the Pirates’ sound into a biscuit, what biscuit would it be and why?

Milk chocolate Hob-Nob. It’s kind of a bit rough round the edges, it melts well, it actually has a wholesome element, but it’s also a bit naughty, it makes you feel warm inside, it’s addictive. You can share it with someone. You can lick it.

What’s your tipple of choice on tour?

Cheap European lager, with lashings of Sailor Jerry.

And finally, should you ever have to pick one, what’d be your chosen pirate name?

I don’t want to associate with pirates. I’ve gone right off them.

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