Rolo Tomassi

/Stereo, Glasgow/12.05.11

You’re playing Glasgow on Thursday. Are you looking forward to it?

James Spence (synth/vocals): Absolutely! Glasgow is one of our favourite places to play in the UK. We always have a great time when we come up and are hoping that this time will be no different.

Has Scotland been good to you in the past?

For sure. We’ve played maybe four or five different cities but we usually come up to Glasgow. I love the city. It’s great for buying records, we always go round to Monorail. The nightlife is Glasgow is pretty fun too.

Despite your off-the-wall sound, you seem to be pretty accepted by the more mainstream rock/alt circles, playing at Reading/Leeds last year for example. Is this a true assumption, and if so, why do you think it is?

We’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to play a lot of shows that a band like ours maybe wouldn’t get to do usually. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why. I think we’re maybe looked on more favourably by some people as we have a female vocalist. I’d like to also think it’s because we’re a good live band.

Do you worry that for 76% of the time your audience can’t really dance to your music? Or are spasmodic mosh-pits the way to go?

I think if we did worry, we’d play a totally different style of music.

You’re two studio albums into Rolo Tomassi’s career. What’s next for the band?

Plenty more touring and writing our third record in-between.


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