Around the country in eighteen venues – No. 7, Market Bar

No. 7: Market Bar, Inverness

Capacity: 50

Year: 1972

James Mackenzie and the Aquascene at the Market Bar (by Al Donnelly)

They say…Tom Morton (BBC Radio Scotland broadcaster, author and journalist): “I can’t honestly remember my first visit to Inverness’s Market Bar, or the last, or many inbetween. Drink was taken. Other bars were often visited. Yes, bands were heard, but who they were, what they sounded like…

Was I there for one the legendary Proclaimers gigs? I don’t think so. I saw James Hunter, soul singer, gazing stunned at the sheer rammed tininess of the place. I have been squashed into pulp during appearances by local heroes whose names have vanished into the stickiest of sticky carpets. It can get so busy you can barely breathe. But Rob Ellen was always there, I think, promoting or banging on Congas. Or Bongos. Or something. Not a Mazda Bongo. That’s a van, and it wouldn’t fit.

Technically, it’s the lounge of the Market Bar, doon a dunnie, up a stair. It used to smell of burgers from a nearby carry-out. It is possibly the smallest venue in Scotland, smaller than a Barratt Homes kitchen. Everybody has played there. Well, not Zeppelin or Guns n’ Roses, but Billy Connolly. And…err…Billy Connolly.

And me. I think. As I say, my memory these days. All I can tell you is this: It’s the best venue in Scotland.”

Watch it for yourself: Check out blues dynamo Dave Acari take to the…stage?…at the cosy Market Bar.

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