Amber Wilson


If you like _ and _ then you will like Amber Wilson. Fill in the blanks.

If you like biscuits and bear hats then you will like Amber Wilson.

You’re from Aberdeen. Is this a help or a hindrance with regards to making an impact in the Scottish music scene?

It is hard work because there isn’t really much of an acoustic scene, and there also isn’t any industry people kicking about or attending gigs like you have in Glasgow etc. The internet helps me get gigs and gets my music heard but I do plan on moving to Glasgow soon and joining the scene there. It seems more ‘normal’ there to be working away and surviving on your art. There’s more enthusiasm.

How much of Aberdeen’s granitey doom ‘n’ gloom makes it into your music?

Haha, a lot! I got given a SAD lamp for my birthday though and have started writing happier tunes…

What drink is best consumed whilst listening to your music? Tea? A nice gin and tonic?

I’d say tea, yes. Or a chocolate milkshake, perhaps.

Will we be hearing a lot of you in 2011?

You shall indeed. I am releasing a new single in May called ‘An Affirmation’ and releasing my second EP ‘The Wolf EP’ after summer, amidst playing lots of gigs up and down the country.

If you had to invent a completely new genre to describe your music, what would it be?

Knitted moon melodies.

And finally, if you had to duet musically with one of the the cast of Friends, who would it be and why?

Most definitely Phoebe, because I would love to sing ‘Smelly Cat’ with her.



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