Psychedelic Horseshit

PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT/Captain’s Rest, Glasgow/03.05.11

You’re playing Glasgow on 3 May. What should the crowd expect?

Matt Horseshit (vocals/guitars/drum programming/harmonica/keyboards):  They should expect to dance their asses off while simultaneously feeling like they just took some bomb-ass drugs even if they didn’t. Lo-fi rave-core if you wanna get technical…

Is Scotland a place that holds many memories for you?

Last time I hooked up with this beautiful Swedish girl in Glasgow, slept in the park, got way too drunk, and then had to learn to drive a stick shift through northern Scotland to catch a ferry to dreadful Ireland. It was a memory I will not soon forget, totally action packed 24 hours that ranks up there with some of my craziest.

Why is your live show better than anyone else’s?

Quite simply, we make the hipster kids dance. No standing still and head bobbing at our shows – we make you feel the beat. Nobody’s too cool for this shit.

Your name brings up a whole lot of connotations. What’s the thinking behind it?

It started out as a definition and then we kept it because its punk as fuck. Everyone has safe family names – we don’t wanna be safe, cause in reality we’re dangerous like Michael Jackson.

Does your band name not lead you into the trap of not-so-enthused punters proclaiming that you’re, well, a bit horseshit?

Yeah, but I say let ‘em. Some people think we’re shit, some people love us… can’t please everyone at the same time.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Astral dance party.

And finally – if you were a horse, would you prefer your excrement to be psychedelic or just plain old boring and normal? 

I think it’s obvious where we stand on that one…


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