Around the country in eighteen venues – No. 6, Tolbooth

No. 6: Tolbooth, Stirling

Capacity: Up to 200

Year: Renovated and re-opened in 2002

They say…Stephen Hume (Tolbooth Music Development Officer): “The thing that sets the Tolbooth apart from other venues is the rich mix of genres that the programme touches upon, from experimental music, to jazz, folk, world, roots, classical, rock, pop, metal and more. All at an incredible standard and performed in a building that is steeped in history, but with a modern renovation, it is quite a unique proposition. A thought deeply ingrained in the building’s ethos is putting the artist first, so we try and go that extra mile to look after the performers, whether for a one off show or if we’re working with them longer term to commission a new piece of music. The flexibility of the building is also a huge asset. A lot of our shows are an intimate – 165 theatre style – seated affair or with a push of a button (to get rid of the seats) and a fake wall we become a 200 capacity standing venue that looks completely different.”

Watch it for yourself: Check out this video tour of the venue and building taken by a work experience chap – proving the point that workies do more than just make tea (it’s usually a bit too milky anyway)


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