The Douglas Firs

Photo: Neil Cammock


If you like _ and _ then you will like The Douglas Firs. Fill in the blanks.

(Neil Insh): If you like MDMA and Ketamine then you will like The Douglas Firs.

Where did the name come from?

It’s from Twin Peaks.

How would you describe your music to an alien visiting earth who has never heard music before?

Well, it was recently described as ‘Belle and Sebastian on a spirit quest’. I would agree, but only if the ‘spirit’ was hard liquor, and Belle and Sebastian had some balls. Aliens would probably laugh at my attempt at self-expression anyway.

Your album ‘Happy As A Windless Flag’ is coming out soon. What should people expect?

Introversion, Perversion…hang on…

Two syllables: persian, version

Three syllables: aspersion, aversion, conversion, dispersion, diversion, excursion, immersion, incursion, inversion, reversion, submersion, subversion

I particularly agree with ‘aspersion’.

It seems like a bit of dour title. Or do flags enjoy a windless, calm day?

Yes, because they would be inside, where it was warm and the wind wasn’t fucking with them.

What time of the day is your music best heard?

At the crack of dawn, after a full night of disgusting sex on crack with Dawn.

And finally, it is Easter soon. How do you eat your Creme Egg?

Scrambled on a low heat, with salt and tabasco.

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