Al Donnelly



My first photoshoot ‘proper’ – James Mackenzie & the Aquascene back in the summer of 2010. I’d been doing a lot of live stuff with the band so when they needed some promo stuff done I was the natural choice (and I’m cheap!). This was done on a lovely evening up at the then guitarist Cameron’s home/building site near Inverness. It’s taken from the top floor of a log cabin’s frame and is probably my favourite of all that sessions shots. Unfortunately this line-up no longer exists so the collection is pretty much redundant now – shame, we did some good stuff. Even the dog thought so…I’m pleased to say that I’m working with James again at the moment.

Equipment: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 18 – 135. f4.8 @ 48mm.


Highland News Group very nicely gave me a three day media pass for Rockness Festival last year. One of the big attractions for the weekend had to be Blondie on the main stage at 6pm on the Sunday evening. No light shows, no effects etc – nothing to hide behind. This is definitely not my best shot from the weekend but undoubtedly one of my favourites. She’s getting on a bit is old Debbie and I remember shooting Chris Stein but at the same time noticing Debbie lifting her shades to look at what I presume was a teleprompter type affair for her lyrics. Well, some of these songs are over 30 years old. Couldn’t resist getting this  shot but had to be quick hence the shocking composition – managed to get my hero Clem Burke in though.

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 18 – 135. f5.7 @ 90mm.


Another favourite from the Rockness weekender. I got really into shooting the crowd – they love a photographer and a lot of the ‘big guns’ concentrate on getting the money shots of the stage. These guys were going nuts for Fatboy Slim. He made the snappers wait till 10 minutes into his set before we were led out so the crowd are well and truly up for it by then. A friend commented that he could almost smell the portaloos in this one – I liked that…Someone else mentioned apocalyptic!

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 18 – 135. f3.9 @ 24mm.


One of my favourite bands to shoot have to be The Leonard Jones Potential. A very photogenic Michelle Davidson was a joy to photograph on New Year’s Eve 2010. They’d had a fantastic year with appearances on Craig Charles’ show on BBC 6Music and finished it off with a full house for Hogmanay at Ceol-Mor Inverness. A happy band makes for a happy crowd and a very happy photographer.

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 50mm. f1.4 @ 50mm.


The Lushrollers
are one of Inverness’s best-kept secrets. A collection of extremely talented but very humble musicians who I’ve been a huge fan for many years. Got the opportunity to photograph them at their ‘comeback’ gig at Belladrum in August last year but Christmas Eve at Ceol-Mor was an even better opportunity for up-close and personal shots. A favourite from the night was this one of Robin just listening to Willie Macaskill opening a song and waiting for his cue to come in.

e: Nikon D40. Nikon Nikkor 50mm. f1.4 @ 50mm.

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