The Winter Tradition


If you like _ and _ then you will like The Winter Tradition. Fill in the blanks.

If you like ‘Park’ and ‘Jurassic’ then you will like The Winter Tradition.

Why should people take the time to listen to your music?

We take a wide range of influences from different types of music and traditions to create something that we could listen to ourselves. Hopefully other people will appreciate it as well!

What is a winter tradition? Sledging? Santa?

A winter tradition can be anything you want it to be. One person told us that they had a winter tradition of stealing Christmas trees and planting them on Thurso beach!

You used to be called The Void. Why the name change?

We were on tour down in London and the topic of changing our name came up. We were writing a lot of new stuff for our album at the time and the material we were producing was a lot maturer than anything we’d come up with before. I guess we didn’t really feel comfortable under the name of The Void and you can never really put 100% effort into something you’re not happy with, so we changed the name to something we could be proud of.

What other Scottish bands around at the moment do you see as influences for The Winter Tradition?

We take a lot of influence from local bands we play with such as LightGuides and Make Sparks, who we’ve been on tour with and have become close friends. We listen to other more established bands as well such as Idlewild, Admiral Fallow, We Were Promised Jetpacks and The Xcerts.

What does 2011 hold for the band?

We’re currently finishing recording our debut album which will be released later in the year. We’ll also be touring as much as we can now that the band is turning full-time, with some festival slots along the way. We’re really excited about it all, and can’t wait to get the album out to everyone as we feel it’s the best music we’ve come up with yet.

And finally, what’s your favourite season? Winter? Summer?

Ewan – Winter

Mark – Winter

Stephen – Spring

Euan – Spring

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