15 Times Dead

15 TIMES DEAD/Glasgow

How do you sum up 15 Times Dead in three words?

Scotti Watson (guitar/vocals): Chunky. Assed. Metal.

Wullie Brownlie (drums): Groove, power, performance.

Why 15 times dead? Is one not enough?

SW: One is never enough where metal is concerned…unless you’re Metallica.  Besides, we killed a lot of people to secure the name so it’s more of a trophy number. Seriously though, Wullie’s mate worked with a guy who had a heart attack and died in the ambulance but was revived on route to the hospital, where he then died a further 14 times, each time being revived and is currently back at work, having been ‘15 times dead’…TA DAH!!!!

You’re the self-proclaimed ‘Godfathers of Girth Metal’. What makes your music so girthy?

SW: We decided after someone commented on our song ‘Girth Giver’ and said they really liked our Girth Metal sound…it stuck and given there ain’t anyone like us out there it made sense to proclaim to one and all that we are the Godfathers of Girth Metal – we like it big, heavy and chunky…

How did you get into metal into the first place?

SW: For me it was the end of the 80s and my mate left a tape of Iron Maiden‘s ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ at my house.  I listened, I loved and I was hooked since then.  From there, the natural wish to play guitar (after my parents refused drums) followed…

Andy and Tom Ritchie (bass/vocals, guitar/vocals): As brothers we lived together and Tom drummed metal and rock into me every night as I tried to sleep.

WB: For me it was Pantera versus pop in the 90s. I was a skater at school so was an outcast rebel from the start. I grew up in a biker household and angry music followed.

How often do you listen to your own tunes?

SW: Every day of course! Aside from in the studio and practicing, we’ve got the tunes on playlists on our iPods/MP3 players/phones plus any time we have a new tune we tend to listen to it to death to see where it can be improved.  Not narcissistic but if you don’t love your own stuff what’s the point in playing it?

What’s your take on the current state of the Scottish metal scene?

The metal scene in Scotland is pretty damn healthy, the venues perhaps not so.  There are a lot of great bands of various different styles all over the country.  Some favorites of ours personally are the likes of Komatoze from Greenock, our mates in Attica Rage of course, Dirty Rose and the Amorettes over towards Edinburgh then the likes of Firebrand Super Rock and Ten Tonne Dozer from the east and the Shetland respectively.  There’s bucketloads of talent but at times I think because it’s not mainstream it’s ignored and that is not only a damn shame but it makes me damn angry as well. 

And finally, girth or length?

After you’ve seen us live you’ll KNOW it’s definitely about THE GIRTH…



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