French Wives


If you like _ and _ you then will like French Wives. Fill in the blanks.

If you like pop music and nice melodies (hopefully?!) then you will like French Wives.

How are you finding the music scene in Scotland at the moment?

It’s very healthy. Extremely, actually. There are so many bands and artists that are doing really, really well for themselves at the moment, which is great for everyone else. It’s also really diverse as well. A lot of people try to label Scottish music as one thing, but if you scratch the surface a bit there is a huge range of genres particularly prevalent in the Scottish scene.

What’s been the highlight of the band’s time together?

There have been a few nice things that have happened. Probably our first ever single launch in 2009 stands out as a bit of a highlight as it was the first time we perhaps realised that people liked our songs and our gigs weren’t entirely populated by our friends pandering to us.

If you were to marry a French woman, what would she be like?

Carla Bruni?

What band is being repeated on the French Wives iPod at the moment?

Quite a few bits and pieces at the moment. We really love the Surfer Blood album, as well as this band from Newcastle called Pilots who are insanely tight live.

What are your plans for releases and touring in the near future?

We’re currently writing a mini-album – a malbum if you will – which will be released later in the year. After that we’re hoping to finally get to work on a full length release. As for touring, we’ve just returned from a UK tour in support of our recently released EP, ‘Feel Safe Small’, so we’re keeping away from it for a bit, but will be back out towards the end of May.

And finally your video for ‘Covered in Grace’ has you all wearing Halloween masks, but what’s your ultimate Halloween costume?

My personal highlight was dressing up as Smurfette one year. The disclaimer, of course, here is that this ISN’T Siobhan writing at the moment. I had cracking legs.

By Finlay Matheson


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