REVOKER/King Tut’s, Glasgow/23.03.11

You play Glasgow tomorrow night. Why should people come and check you out?

Shane Phillips (bass): Well, I think we’re touring with two great bands, G.U Medicine and Holy Grail, so if people are looking to find some new music this will definitely be the show to come to! All the bands put on a great performance every night and every show has been rocking. We’ve played Glasgow before and it was an amazing place to play so we’re gonna make sure we put on a good show for you!

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Hard, heavy, slamming…Jack lives his life following those three terms, haha.

You’re out on a co-headlining tour. Are there times when you think ‘Gosh darn it, I wish we could just be headlining ourselves’?

Erm…yes and no. I mean it’s great to headline shows but having another band headlining kinda takes the pressure off a bit. The cool thing about being a headline band is that you get to have sound checks, where as opening up for a big band, you don’t really get a chance. Plus people get to hear more of your songs if you get longer to play, which is what we want to do – get as many people to hear our songs as possible!

You’re from Wales. We’re from Scotland and there’s been barely any riff-tastic Scottish metal bands make it big. Why is Wales different?

I don’t really know! I think some bands that have made it from Scotland are really good songwriters and some bands from Wales are really good at writing riffs, it’s just what you’re good at at the end of the day!

You probably get asked who your biggest influences are a lot. So, who are your top anti-influences?

That question has taken me by surprise! I’d say bands that don’t influence us at all are the ones who play music because it’s a trend. They are not doing it for the love of the music. It’s just what’s in fashion at the moment so they copy that until the next shitty thing comes along.

If you could revoke one thing that’s happened in your life, what would it be?

At the moment the only thing I would revoke is drinking that bottle of vodka at Hammerfest! Haha, I’m still recovering from the thing and in the middle of a tour! It’s all good though.

And finally, you play a lot of metal – but what is your favourite metal? Iron? Palladium? A nice bit of magnesium perhaps?

Lead ‘coz it’s heavy as fuck!


One Response to Revoker

  1. …looking forward to supporting these guys at King Tuts tonight in Glasgow. If anyone is looking to come along then give us a shout as we have discounted tickets for £5

    15 Times Dead
    Glasgow’s Godfathers of Girth Metal

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