Fiction Faction


If you like _ and _ then you will like Fiction Faction. Fill in the blanks.

David Richards (vocals/guitar): I’m drawn to food, so yeah, Marmite and ginger beer. You either like us or think we are total garbage. We don’t get many in between.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Neo-Psychedelic, Post-Punk, Electro-pop.

What’s better – fiction or faction?

Personally, fiction – but only from the terms of a writer…you can do anything with the story you please when writing fiction. A ‘faction’ or non-fictional story is harder to write as you need to have your ‘facts’ right. For example quoting real life events or historical figures, you have to watch you don’t offend anyone, countries or even political organisations. I’ve played about with ideas like Manic Street Preachers did with their Spanish civil war stuff, but I always end up writing something purely fictional or based upon an existing story or film.

You used to be called Casino Brag. What was that name all about? The feeling of contentment you get after coming out the casino at 5am knowing you’ve made a £10 profit?

Yeah, a guy called Graeme who was in the band right at the start came out with it. He loved gambling and had played this game in Las Vegas. It just sounded good at the time, until everyone else put the word ‘casino’ in their name. I’ve only been once to a casino and only went to extend drinking time.

You’ve had a number of decent support slots under your belt so far. Are you happy to keep playing supports etc or would you rather break out and do your own thing more?

Yeah totally, often support slots are the best way to find new fans. Then in turn you can be the headline once your fan base has grown a bit. It’s early days. We had a single launch in January where we did our own thing. It was great as we booked bands we like and made some money for a change.

What will 2011 hold for Fiction Faction?

We are going to release our second single, mid-late summer. We record a new song next week called ‘Malenky Lizards’. It’s our favourite we’ve had so far, so that’s exciting. We hope, as everyone does, for some festival action. Another adventure to London – we’ve been down for Club Fandango and Death Disco so far. More support from BBC 6 Music and BBC Scotland, we hope, and then  towards the end of the year finalise plans to making our debut album – maybe with a label, maybe DIY.

If you could duet with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I can’t decide whether to be serious here or not. Can I do both? One serious, and one stupid. From under and over the soil? Dead and daft it would have to be Bruce Lee, He might have had some quick moves but see the way he drones when he talks in an ‘I’m a hard bastard, don’t you dare’ kind of way?. That’s what I’d want in our duet. The chorus would go ‘We Fight alone or altogether’. Just as if we were in the dojo in Fist of Fury. Serious and alive it would have to be Kate Bush because she’s got the best twisty-turny vocal melodies around.


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