Around the country in eighteen venues – No.4, Grand Ole Opry

No.4: Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow

Capacity: 400

Year: 1974

Mogwai tear up the Grand Ole Opry (photo: Michael Gallacher)

They say…Steev (Errors):  “The Opry show [25/02/10] is definitely one of the most memorable we’ve done in Glasgow. The walls are adorned with American Wild West artefacts, a huge mural of a desert strewn with cacti fills an entire wall and a giant neon cowboy hangs above the stage. The staff were the most genuine and lovely people we’ve ever dealt with who, despite being used to dealing with country and western music and mostly old enough to be our grandparents, seemed intrigued by our presence and our style of music but never critical of either. The bar is cheaper than most student unions – just make sure you obey the queuing etiquette or the lovely staff won’t hesitate in booting your baws for you. In this age of generic, phone-sponsored, pie-less* venues, it’s reassuring to know that music fans are willing to travel out of their comfort zones in order to experience live shows in spaces as truly unique as the Grand Ole Opry.

*The Opry staff serve pies in between bands.”

Watch it for yourself: Mogwai played the Grand Ole Opry in January 2011. We’re not sure if cowboy boots were worn.

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