Rob Zombie

/O2 Academy, Glasgow/20.02.11

You’ve got Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison currently out on tour with you. How’s that going?

It’s been great having Joey in the band. He really saved our ass because more or less a year ago, when we were getting ready to go on tour, our drummer quit without warning. We called Joey up – not to join our band or to play with – but to see if he knew any drummers that were available. He volunteered his services, and he’s been with us ever since. This upcoming tour will be the fourth tour he’s done with us. He’s an awesome drummer, obviously, and awesome guy and he really fits into the band great.

Do you think he’s opened Rob Zombie up to Slipknot fans who might not have heard of the band before?

Hard to say. I assume there’s probably some Slipknot fans that have been paying attention that maybe weren’t before he was in the band, but there hasn’t really been anything to tell me one way or anything, but it’s probably true.

You’ve also directed a number of films. Do you enjoy the controlling aspect of being a director?

I don’t enjoy the controlling aspect – I enjoy the creative aspect. It’s kind of the same as making music. There’s something so exciting about starting a weird little idea that you take it all the way to the end, whether it’s a song or a movie or anything.

By doing movies as well as music, it seems like you’re a pretty busy guy. Are you a workaholic?

Well, pretty much. I think that comes with the territory because when you get to do what you love for a living you tend to be a workaholic – because I love making movies, I love doing music, I love touring – so I never want to get away from any of those things because it’s really the thing I’d like to do with my life, so it sort of turns into being a workaholic.

You’ve also done music videos in the past. Are there any bands out there right now that you would love to shoot?

Umm, off the top of the head I can’t really think of anything because I’m not really paying attention to music at the moment, but I do like making them for other people. I haven’t done it in a long time, I think the last one I did…I don’t know what it was, maybe something for Black Label Society.

Going back to the music – your UK tour sold out pretty quick. Are you happy you’re still a sought-after live performer?

Yeah, it’s fantastic, because who knew? We had been away so long that when we booked a tour we thought ‘Y’know, we’ll keep it fairly modest sized places because who knows if anyone still gives a shit’. And then the tickets sold out so quick, it was awesome.

You’ve also got some summer festivals lined up. Do you think you’re a band suited to playing festivals?

Oh yeah, totally. We’ve played tonnes of festivals over the years, they’re great. The more people the better, the more bands the better. It’s a blast. Love it.

What about when it’s really sunny and really warm?

Sunny and warm is a drag, but I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

If I think of weather and think of Rob Zombie, I kinda see freezing darkness.

Yeah that’s the way I see it too but we’ve done enough festivals…Ozzfest is always in the middle of summer, it’s hot and it’s miserable…it’s hard because we don’t go on stage wearing t-shirts and shorts all comfortable. It’s tough on us but we do it anyway, that’s why we’re there. It’s a little bit weird, but still awesome.


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