Murderdolls: Pink t-shirts unfortunately were in the wash

MURDERDOLLS/ABC, Glasgow/10.02.11

You’re playing Glasgow tomorrow. Why should people head down and check you out?

(Wednesday 13, vocals): Because we like to party!

Does Scotland hold many memories for you – good or bad?

Yes, I love playing in Scotland. Lots of memories, lots of amazing audiences. I’m really looking forward to coming back up there.

Murderdolls seem like a band keen on the aesthetic side of things. How much importance do you place on creating a strong image?

Image is a strong role with this project, and I wouldn’t feel right playing this style of music that we have created without the image. They go together hand in hand.

Your second album came out in 2010, eight years after your debut. Will there be a similar wait for the third album?

No, I don’t think so. It’ll be ten this time. We have to outdo ourselves! Seriously though, I don’t know how long it will be.

If Murderdolls could have a motto, what would it be?

‘If it can be drunk, we will drink it.’

If your grandchild asks ‘What was it like touring with Murderdolls?’, what would you say?

At that age I would say, ‘Kid, I don’t have enough time left on earth to tell you the circus that was Murderdolls.’

And finally, did you murder Barbie dolls when you were a kid?

I did my fair share of toy torture. I never killed them, I just cut their hair and let my dinosaurs eat them or had tanks drive over them…and then if I really got bored…fire.


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  1. spookymax says:

    Wednesday 13 is fucking hilarious.

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