Everything Everything

EVERYTHING EVERYTHING/O2 Academy, Glasgow/03.02.11

The NME Tour rolls into Glasgow on the 3rd of February. Why should people come down and watch you?

(Jonathan, guitar/vocals): Well, we always have an amazing time in Glasgow so that’s a good reason in itself, and the crowd is always really up for it. We will be showcasing our new live show, with four special new things.

Crystal Castles are renowned for partying pretty hard and getting into all sorts of trouble – will you be joining them in getting up to mischief on the road?

I hope so, yes.

You were on the BBC Sound of 2010 list. How big a boost was this to your career and who in the 2011 list do you have your eye on?

It was a huge boost – we didn’t know what to make of it to begin with, but as the year went on we heard it mentioned hundreds and hundreds of times, wherever we were in the world! In the 2011 list we are fans of James Blake, Jai Paul and Warpaint especially, though I haven’t heard the whole list – it looks pretty good.

At last year’s NME show in Glasgow one of the members of Scottish band Camera Obscura joined The Drums on stage. Who would your ultimate Scottish collaboration be with?

I think being in Mogwai for a few hours could be pretty fun. I was a big fan of Idlewild back in the day too.

The tour has a very mixed bag of acts playing all kinds of genres – how do you think the crowd will react to your style of music?

I’ve been thinking about this line-up a lot and I think it’ll work pretty well. Going through us and Magnetic Man is really a shrewd move to get from The Vaccines to Crystal Castles – each band is slightly leaning towards the next one. Sort of. The crowd should like us hopefully – the dance-heads will like bits of it, the rock-heads will like bits of it. Our set should cater for the widest spectrum of tastes.

We love your album ‘Man Alive’ and Q, NME and The Sunday Times all gave it glowing reviews, but have you received any particularly nasty criticism about it?

A cab driver said it was ‘Worse than Radiohead‘. We shot him dead.

And finally, most of the press love you, you’re on the NME Tour playing in front of packed venues and your single ‘Photoshop Handsome’ is getting played on Radio 1 rather a lot – so what’s next for the band who has ‘Everything Everything’?

New material, new plans, go up a level, gain an extra life.


By Finlay Matheson

As mentioned above, The VaccinesBritain’s most hyped new band – will be joining Everything Everything at the NME tour show in Glasgow on Thursday. Here’s what guitarist Freddie Cowan had to say about playing a bill topped by Crystal Castles:

“I think we will fit on the bill good. It’d be bad if it was all electro bands, and it would be bad if it was all guitar bands. I think that tour is an accurate shot of what music is at the moment. Crystal Castles aren’t really like anyone else – I love them for that – and Magnetic Man are on the dubstep scene…it’s not relevant in America yet, but it is very relevant in Britain. For a music fan, it’s a great night out.”


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