MOGWAI/Various locations

You’re playing a whole host of dates throughout Scotland in January. Why should people come and check you out?

(Barry Burns, guitar): If there are any people who are just too content with life and feel that they need some misery in their otherwise happy existence then they should come and watch the five of us try to play music for 90 minutes. It’s like watching 6th division Scottish football in the rain. Is that selling it?

How much Scottishness do you think is in your music?

I suppose at a technical level we are very into pentatonic scale music which is featured in a lot of Scottish music but other than that I don’t know. Perhaps the drone of the guitars is similar, if less jarring, than the old bagpipes.

What time of the day is your music best listened to?

Well it doesn’t seem like morning music to us. A lot of people tell us that they like to fall asleep to it which in my mind is a really nice compliment – and also an insight into the kind of people who like to fall asleep to extremely loud and unsubtle music…

Wikipedia says you once sold t-shirts saying ‘Blur are shite’. Are you Oasis fans then, or are they similarly shite?

Both not my cup of tea, though at a push I’d have to say Oasis were better, if only for the circus of it all.

Your upcoming album is called ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’. What’s the inspiration behind the title?

A friend told us that he saw a ned being refused alcohol at a cornershop and went outside and shouted the phrase at the nonplussed shopkeeper. You simply can’t find such sagely wisdom anywhere else in the world than from out of the mouth of a ned.

How does it sound compared to the rest of your releases?

It’s certainly a lot more chipper than usual, if you pardon that woeful term. And maybe faster than the usual Mogwai dirge with quite a bit of Krautrock influence. This is why I am not a music journalist.

If you had to cover a mainstream pop act, who would it be?

Haha. Wow. Off the top of my head, Black Eyed Peas. Hahaha. Jesus Christ.?

And finally, if you could curate your own three day festival, who would be the three headliners and where would it be held?

We have done this before actually but it was a while back and I can’t remember so here are three more…The Pixies, Andrew Weatherall DJ’ing and Fever Ray. It would be held in India because I haven’t been there and I’m quite partial to the food.


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