Super Adventure Club

Super Adventure Club: Mutilated zombie arms? Now you know where doner meat comes from


If you like _ and _ then you will like Super Adventure Club. Fill in the blanks.

(Mandy Clarke, bass/vocals): If you like Screwball Scramble and flumps then you will like Super Adventure Club.

Is your name a reference to South Park or is it completely coincidental?

It’s completely un-coincidental – there’s nothing wrong with being linked to fictional paedophilia. And we are all massive South Park fans.

On average, how many different timings are in your songs?

I’ll say two. Some of our songs are really simple, like ‘Pick Up Sticks’ and ‘Built In Redundancy’, until they get to the funny bits, of course.

What would you say to people who might argue that your music lacks soul and emotion?

I’d say that’s ridiculous. I don’t understand how anyone could even try to argue that our music doesn’t have soul and emotion, just because we’re not crying into our Coco Pops every morning and writing lyrics about our broken iPods doesn’t mean we’re made of stone. Some of the SAC lyrics are actually kind of deep, sort of, actually not really, well, a wee bit. They do have meaning – it’s just maybe we try to find some humour or disguise it so it’s not blatantly obvious what we’re singing about. As for having soul, if you take the word soul, the ‘S’ is done, then put a diagonal line from the ‘L’ and a wee bridge in the middle, rub out the U completely, then rub out half the O, then that actually spells out SAC.

Do you believe in zombies?

No…the idea of zombies is fun but imagine it actually happened – wee mad zombies running about everywhere, it’d be shit. I’d hate it.

If so, if you were a zombie – whose brains would you eat first?

Margaret Thatcher, always.

You were out on the road in Europe last year. How do the European crowds take to you?

Kind of like here, but better. People in Europe seem more open to spazzy music. There’s a lot of awesome bands around who’re willing to help book shows and all that. Our last mini tour was in Holland…we played a few gigs with a band called Boutros Bubba.

And finally, your last video was for the song ‘Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle’. What is a Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle?

Bruce came up with the term Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle. I don’t think anyone knows what it is – something that raps whilst being cooked or something…

Super Adventure Club play alongside PAWS, Hagana and Rollor this Tuesday as The Daily Dose teams up with Define Pop to put on their second gig together. The 13th Note, Glasgow, 8pm. Do it!


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