The Last Battle


If you like _ and _ then you will like The Last Battle. Fill in the blanks.

If you like drinking lots of whisky and running away with a mixed-sex bunch of fishermen playing jaunty but heartfelt folk songs then you will like The Last Battle.

There’s seven people in the band. Too many cooks spoil the broth or many hands make light work?

Light hands make Scotch broth. 

There’s a lot to be said for folky Scottish music at the moment. Is a genre you’re chuffed to be associated with?

We’re chuffed to be associated with anything Scottish, because there’s so much good music up here just now. As for the folk thing, anyone playing music that ‘folk’ can relate to, is, essentially folk music. Strip down anyone’s song and it’s a folk song.  

Why should people take the time to check you out?

Because it won’t take much time out of your day. Our album’s half an hour long, and most of our songs are precise and to the point.  

Who is involved in the very last battle and who wins?

Everyone’s involved and everyone wins. No one ever loses.  

How’s the Edinburgh music scene doing at the moment?

It’s been on a steady climb for a while now over the last few years started off by the likes of Meursault, Withered Hand and Eagleowl. A new band called Loch Awe are a pretty encouraging prospect for the city’s alt folk music scene. The only problem we’re all facing just now though is the lack of venues following the closure of The Roxy, Bristo Hall and the imminent closure of The Lot. Things seemed to be looking good venue wise for a while then they got taken away suddenly. It’s not a problem though, a lot of bands are already finding unusual and unique places to play instead.  

And finally, what’s The Last Battle’s drink of choice on tour and why?

Whoever’s driving the van goes through lot’s of energy drinks, Lidl’s whisky because it’s cheap and keeps you warm when you’re on tour in the highlands of Scotland in December, and free beer because, well, it tastes better because it’s free.


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  1. […] spoke to Edinburgh’s The Last Battle a few months ago, where they advocated plentiful whisky drinking – even Lidl whisky drinking. […]

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