The Cinnamons


If you like _ and _ then you will like The Cinnamons. Fill in the blanks.

(Gerry, singer and lyricist): If you like music with a fucking conscience and pop synths then you will like The Cinnamons.

What do you bring to the plate that other Scottish bands might not?

I don’t know…A lot of bands at the moment are guilty of following trends. There is a criminal lack of originality nowadays. Everyone’s trying to be everybody else instead of being themselves. I think that comes across in today’s music. There seems to be a lack of honesty in the lyrical content.

One thing we have never done and will never do is be part of a scene. We do everything ourselves. We write, record and produce ourselves. We do our own promo, arrange our own nights and release our own records. I think what defines us best is our songs and our sound. I know it sounds stupid but people forget about the fucking songs. People get too caught up in image and money and all the other shite that is secondary to the music. If you can write honestly, produce a song that people will love and remember, and have band members capable of taking them to the next level then I think you will stand out from the rest. That’s what we strive for.

What track of yours do you think best sums up The Cinnamons and why?

‘Soul for sale’. Only because of the energy it induces in the band on stage. The lyrics seem to strike a chord with certain people because of the subject matter. I think anyone with a hint of social conscience, especially in the creative community, will have major fears of ‘selling out’ to pay the bills…at the expense of their dreams.

Do you prefer Cinnamon Grahams over Golden Grahams?

I’m more of a Crunchy Nut!

There’s five people in the band Who’s the most important?

Haha. I’d leave that question for Marshall. He’d most definitely say it was me though.

A lot of people don’t really like cinnamon – it seems a bit like a Marmite thing. Are you worried your music might be the same?

I hope so. If everyone liked our music then I’d be gutted. It would just become elevator music. In saying that, our music is really accessible and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t say they liked it. Unless they’re all lying! Bastards!

And finally, your music sounds quite happy. Are you happy people?

It depends really. The lyrics are pretty melancholic at times. I smile quite a lot, but inside I’m usually a paranoid rageaholic. When we’re out and about were happy dudes. I’d say Lori is probably the happiest, she’s always smiling.

The Cinnamons’ ‘5 Songs’ EP is out now and is available for purchase via iTunes and Bandcamp and streaming via Spotify. They play a free gig at the Buff Club in Glasgow on December 15. For tickets email:


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