HATEBREED/Garage, Glasgow/08.12.10

You’re playing Glasgow on December 8. Why should people come and check you out?

(Jamey Jasta, vocals): It’s been a very long time since we’ve played real headline show in Glasgow. We wanted to give all of our diehard fans a marathon set that includes material from all of our albums, as well as songs that we haven’t played in over five years. We just did an ‘evening with’ type of show in Japan where we played 30-35 songs or more and the crowds loved it. We think we’ll have a similar response in Scotland.

Has Scotland been a good place to you over the years?

Yes it has. Some of my best memories of Scotland include opening for Slayer and Slipknot on the Unholy Alliance tour and headlining a sold out show with our friends Crowbar on the bill. The last show we played in Glasgow was with Machine Head which was incredible. It’s not often that you see a band support Machine Head in the UK and get their own name chanted. We’d break in between songs and they would start chanting HATE-FUCKING-BREED. That was incredible! We knew we had to come back and give everyone great show. We hung out by the bus last time and greeted fans and there were so many people who travelled from all over Scotland to come support us. That really made us feel good.

How exactly does hate breed?  Like a pair of randy cattle?

Yeah sure, why not!?

You’re six albums into your career – what’s next for the band?

Hopefully we’ll put out a documentary of the history of the group and maybe a re-release of the first album with lost tracks. I’d like to record a new album late next year as well. It’d be nice to have something new by spring of 2012, but I’m not totally sure what’s next for us. I guess after we do this UK tour we’ll figure out the plans for next year and map it all out. I think we’ll take a short break and then start writing some new tunes, that’d be nice.

Hatebreed are one of the longer running metal bands out there.  What sagely advice do you give to younger bands that you tour with?

Get a good lawyer, don’t sign a shitty record deal and don’t give away your publishing. Don’t expect to see your girlfriend or family a lot and make sure you genuinely like the guys you jam with!

What’s your favourite kind of mosh pit and why?

I don’t have a favourite really. When I get on stage to scream, it’s like 90 minutes of intense therapy for me. I’m just getting my anger & frustrations out. It’s like a war in my mind and I am the enemy and I’m on the front lines. I’m not that concerned with what the crowd is doing, as long as they are responsive.

What time of the day is your music best listened to?

At that time of the day when you are feeling down and out, or when you need a drill sergeant to whip you into shape, or when you’re on the way to deal with a shitty boss.

And finally, what is the more noble profession and why – flower pressing or cupcake making?

I think any decent profession is noble. I respect all people who realize the importance of their job but I never refuse a cupcake so let’s go with that!



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