Two Wounded Birds

Two Wounded Birds: There’s actually four of them. And they’re not birds either

TWO WOUNDED BIRDS/Glasgow, ABC/29.11.10

You’re currently supporting The Drums on their current European tour – why should their fans come down early to check your set out?

Well, we want everyone to have a good time so we can start the party.

Your music sounds pretty Beach Boys inspired, with a hint of The Doors thrown in for good measure. Is this a sound you aimed for or is the kudos due towards your seaside hometown?

We all love that music and the classic pop of that time and just before. The melodies are so strong in some of those songs and it just feels really good to listen to them, and for us that’s the main influence – good melodies that change the way I feel for a few minutes. There is some great doo-wop I’ve been listening to lately that’s been really inspiring. I’m very much into American bands at the moment. We don’t really plan to sound any particular way, I think what we have been listening to for a while has crept into the songs for sure, but influences and such are limitless for us, so I’ll just be writing unrestricted without thinking too much about where it lies regarding style, as long as there is a great song there.

Jonathan from The Drums is known for his on stage dancing/mincing – are your performances quite so orientated around the hips?

It’s all about the twisting and shaking! Sometimes its nice to let loose a little bit…

Everyone’s talking about the return of surf-pop, but have any of your members waxed up a board and hit the waves?

There’s a surfing club in Margate near where we live – we tried it a few times, but now it’s too cold and its pretty tough.

Your current tour is almost 30 dates long and you’re just over half way through. Are you still as excited to step on stage every night or is it starting to get a little monotonous?

It’s so much fun – it’s the most fun that I can have, apart from writing songs. It could never be boring.

After this tour, will you be glad to go back to playing headline slots at your own gigs or are you enjoying the challenge of trying to win over new fans?

It’s been really nice to win over new fans on this tour and meet new people. For us, playing live in any capacity is always really important. It’s great to play with the other bands as well and make new friends.

And finally, if your music was a bird, or a ‘wounded bird’ if you will, what species would it be?

The crow.

By Finlay Matheson


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