Betatone Distraction

Photo: Michael Gallacher


If you like _ and _ then you will like Betatone Distraction. Fill in the blanks.

(Raymond Elma, vocals/guitar): If you like big guitars and big synth sounds then you will like Betatone Distraction.

What is a betatone – and why is it so distracting? Or is a betatone so boring that people are easily distracted from it? So many questions.

It’s actually two words. A beta tone is an energising sound wave which also supposed to increase productivity and creativity in the human brain. Google it, there’s a whole technical description out there! I guess we would be trying to distract people from boredom with Betatone!

What do you bring to a three-piece band that sets you apart from all the other trios out there?

Our live shows sound like there’s about five people on stage.

Are Betatone Distraction an ambitious band?

Yeah, we’re ambitious. Especially when it comes to writing – we always strive to better ourselves on every song. For example, we are working on a track that has a real hip-hop beat and feel to it. So we are always trying to evolve and try some thing new.

If the sound of your music could be metaphored into a sandwich and bands that inspire you, what band would represent the bread and what band would represent the filling?

I would say the top slice of bread would be Smashing Pumpkins, the bottom slice would be My Bloody Valentine and the filling would be Radiohead – but fire some broon sauce on there. Always room for HP.

What’s the last song to have been stuck in your head?

‘Killed by The Boom’ by The Veils.

And finally, how do you eat your Creme Egg and do you think it reflects your personality in any way?

Depends on the mood, but most of the time I’ll bite it. Probably ‘cos I’m extremely impatient.


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