Sky Larkin

SKY LARKIN/Oran Mor, Glasgow/13.11/10

We think your 2009 album Golden Spike is one of the best albums of recent years – how have people taken to your newest release, Kaleide?

Aw thanks! So far the reaction has been great. I’d like to think thatpeople who have heard the first album can hear the progression between the two and also that people new to us are intrigued enough by Kaleide to seek out a copy of Golden Spike. As far as dreaded second albums go, I think we did pretty ok!

Being a drummer – unless you’re Tommy Lee, you’re probably not going to be noticed as much as other members in the band. Well, maybe a bass player is worse. Do you like sitting over there at the back of the stage?

I’ve actually got a soft spot for Tommy Lee – yeah he’s a douchebag but he’s a sincere douchebag; it’s just who he is and he cant help it. Bless ‘im. It is sometimes a bit galling to put so much effort in and not get noticed, but that’s not what it’s about really. I play my drums safe in the knowledge that without drummers EVERYTHING would be either acoustic or electronic. Just imagine. Ew.

In terms of Facebook relationship statuses, what is your relationship with the music industry like?

Sky Larkin is in a relationship with Wichita Records. Ha, we’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced nothing butmarital bliss in the musical dating scene. It’s a modern marriage of equality and partnership and they’re all fantastic in bed.

What’s your favourite piece of praise someone has given the band, and why?

I remember we did a quick interview in Germany a few years ago and we were asked what Sky Larkin meant, so we attempted to explain and the interviewer was quiet for a moment and then said, “I think it sounds like the wind rushing through the tops of the trees in a forest”. It’s not technically praise but it’s a pretty amazing image, no?

You played Glasgow on November 13. You were, however a support act. Do you prefer being a big, bad headline act or a support band?

I love them both the same. I like jumping onto the stage first and having to earn the attention of the crowd with a short and fast set, but I also like having the time and space to play a proper headline set, hopefully to people who are there specifically to watch us play.

You’re from Leeds. Is the north of England similar to Scotland at all?

You know, I think it is. There’s that same sense of independence, not relying on anyone else to tell us what we should sound like or what we shouldnt listen to. I think that’s why the north of England has found it’s musical voice of late; it’s just been bubbling up without anyone really taking any notice until it got loud and they had no choice but to! Oh, and it rains a lot too.

And finally, if you could choose one X Factor judge to mentor you, who would it be?

I’d like to say Louis because he’s probably the most human, but if we’re talking gameplan here it’d have to be Simon; I think the world will soon implode under the sheer weight of reality TV and if anyone on the planet is going to survive the televised armageddon it’s Cowell isn’t it? Buzz-cut intact and all.


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