Little Yellow Ukuleles


If you like _ and _ then you will like Little Yellow Ukuleles. Fill in the blanks.

If you like sandwiches and guitar pop then you will like Little Yellow Ukuleles.

How would you describe your music in 11 words?

Loud, dancey, yookpop, fun, non-sensical, energetic, bouncy, fast, contrasting, relentless, altpop.

Your MySpace says you’re influenced by a number of bands kicking around the Glasgow music scene, but who are they?

There’s loads of bands in and around Glasgow that we love and draw influence from! Jocasta Sleeps, Make Sparks, Pacific Theatre and Otherpeople are all awesome. I love going out in Glasgow and heading to a local gig, there’s so many great bands.

What’s the secret of a good song?

I don’t know about other bands/artists but the way our songs come together is pretty organic. While we’re at practice someone will hit out with a riff and if we all like it enough we’ll work on fleshing it out into a song – it means there’s always a good few ideas for songs kicking about during practices…no idea if it’s the secret of writing a good song though!

How often do you listen to your own music?

I usually listen to our own stuff a day or two before a gig of ours to get in the mood for it. Whenever we record new stuff though, like recently with our new EP coming out shortly, I’ve been listening to the tracks off it pretty much non-stop to get a feel for them. If one of our tracks came up on my iTunes though I wouldn’t change it straight away, it’s always good to enjoy your own music.

What is the best time of day to listen to Little Yellow Ukuleles?

I’d like to think if folk were needing a boost during their day and stuck on one of our tracks it would get them going enough to see them through the rest of the day…so 2:47pm in the afternoon…roughly. I don’t think our music would make it onto anyone’s ‘night time’ playlists anyway.

If the world wasn’t round, what shape would you want it to be?

Just like a big Blobby shape, not like Mr Blobby, but just blobby in general, like a splat of paint…travel chaos.

And finally, what’s wrong with red ukuleles?

I’ve never actually seen a red ukulele…I imagine it’d look pretty badass – probably too badass for us.

Little Yellow Ukulues play Define Pop Festival 3 on Saturday Nov. 13. Win a pair of tickets to the event by looking below, or, if you’re too lazy, click here.


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