Metal gigs to check out before Christmas

With the winter nights drawing in, what better time to check out some of the best metal gigs Scotland has to offer before Christmas arrives and we all sit and watch soul-sapping films we would never usually surveil, like Free Willy and the one where Arnold Schwarzenegger goes on a quest to get a must-have Christmas toy for his stupid son and endures silly – if mildly amusing – japes in the process.

And, almost naturally, as the afternoon sky becomes increasingly shady, the metal gig scene seems like it’s thriving in the darkness.

They’re not quite metal – but they’re not quite rainbows and sunshine either – but Pulled Apart By Horses take to Scotland in late November, with dates including up there in Inverness. From Yorkshire bands to Danish bands, and the Lars Ulrich-supported Volbeat travel to the Glasgow Garage on December 3.
Pulled Apart By Horses: Probably not pulled apart by horses, otherwise they might be dead

If you like your rock and metal a bit like AC/DC – well, a whole lot like AC/DC – then check out Airbourne at the Glasgow Barrowland on December 4, and if you like big metal tours, then the SECC might be your place of choice on December 9 as Bullet for My Valentine and newly-credible Bring Me The Horizon take to the stage in the gigantic, oversized tractor shed.

It’s more package tours and more gargantuan sheds as Disturbed headline the Taste of Chaos tour at the same venue on December 11 – but if you want something a little (slightly) more underground, check out thrashers Municipal Waste at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow on December 15.

Everyone’s favourite industrial metallers Fear Factory return with everyone’s favourite fat guitarist/home-made pornstar Dino Cazares at the QMU in Glasgow on December 16, but if you’re looking for something even more nostalgic, check out tribute band 101% Pantera at Ivory Blacks on December 18 for some deepthroated Dimebagging.


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