1. Music students at the University of the West of Scotland have been busy bees – so much so, they recorded a six-track album in just 24 hours. It features members of Trapped In Kansas, Suspire and Where We Lay Our Heads. And they say students are lazy?

2. It’s now November, which means it is now Movember. Men growing moustaches for the whole of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer? Nice. A number of Scottishy musicy people are doing it, including Radio DJ Jim Gellatly and band Stanley Odd. Donate to the cause and feel good about yourself.

Note: this is not Jim Gellatly or Stanley Odd. This is just a random moustachioed man on a bike.

3. Tickets for Glasgow one-ticket, multi-venue festival Define Pop 3 are now on sale from Tickets Scotland, with a line-up that includes Tango In The Attic, Trapped In Kansas, Little Yellow Ukeleles + many more. It takes place on Nov 13. Get on it.


2 Responses to Webnesday

  1. Jim Gellatly says:

    I’ve got to to say the chap in the picture does look like a Stanley… and indeed could be quite odd. I’m sure my moustache will be better though… when it finally sprouts!

  2. cc says:

    Best of luck with the moustache growing…feel free to keep us updated with the progress!

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