APOCALYPTICA/ABC, Glasgow/03.11.10

You’re playing Glasgow on the 3rd of November. Why should people come and check you out?

(Perttu Kivilaakso, cello): Everybody should come to see Apocalyptica this year since we have probably the most fine-tuned and balanced live show of ours yet… the setlist is really interesting. We are highly excited and will hopefully play better than ever.

Is Scotland a place you know and love well?

We’ve been in Scotland couple of times and it has always been a place where we feel very welcomed, and therefore it is a wonderful feeling to come to play music to the audience who truly love music. Besides that, the nature there is amazing – cheerful people.

You’re not any ordinary metal band – you’re three cellists and a drummer. What made you decide to try and make a band out of cellos?

Because cellos were our main instruments, we all studied classical music but during those rebellion teenage years rock and metal music came closer and closer to our hearts. We just wanted to play our favourite music with the instruments we were able to play. We had fun together, tried some Metallica…and what the heck, no-one could have believed that we would be still around!

Why does Scandinavia produce so many metallers?

It must be some kind of sexual orientation…hehe. It would be easy to try to explain with climate or darkness, but it cannot be that simple. I guess it’s more of the mentality. People like/need strong emotions, they get them from extremes. Finland possess many insanely great instrumentalists and it is very typical for youngsters to lock themselves in a dark room, grow a beard and rehearse until their fingers bleed.

Your debut album was an album of Metallica covers. Are you a bit annoyed a lot of people will associate you with covering other artists than your own material?

Not annoyed, not at all. That’s where it begun, and is still part of live show…everybody should be fine with their past. During the last ten years we have been doing our own stuff – Apocalyptica has many faces. We are able to change form – being truly classical or full thrash…or playing covers, having vocals in some songs…the playground is pretty large and free.

‘Apocalyptica’ isn’t the most optimistic sounding of names. Is there any optimism in your music?

I think there is lots of blink of the eye, even joy, laughter at least behind it…we don’t take ourselves too seriously, although it is 100 percent serious when it comes to making music.

You’ve have a whole host of famous singers guest on some of your songs, everybody from Gavin Rossdale to Corey Taylor. Who have you got in the pipeline for future collaborations?

Let’s see…something interesting for sure. At the moment it’s too early to think of next artistic step. We’re fully focusing on touring with ‘7th Symphony’ and this will be a long period with many shows.

And finally, cello isn’t the most cool instrument. Why should kids learn the instrument instead of its supposed ‘cooler’ instrument the guitar?

I think we have shown to the world that cello is as cool an instrument as any other…indeed most of our followers think that cello IS the coolest on earth…



6 Responses to Apocalyptica

  1. katariina says:

    Thanks for the interview. Who specifically did you speak to? I’m guessing Perttu Kivilaakso, but it would be interesting to know.
    Thank you.

  2. cc says:

    You guessed right!

  3. Michelle says:

    Great interview and yes, the cello is a pretty cool instrument! 😉

    Love the picture!! 🙂

  4. Paula says:

    Great interview 🙂

    I’m one of those followers who think that the cello is the coolest instrument on Earth. And who made it so cool? Apocalyptica, of course! 😀

  5. Owen says:

    hey i play the cello and i really look up to Apocalyptica they actually really made me love the cello that much more just hope they know that and keep up the good work!!

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