In September we teamed up with Define Pop promotions/booking/radio to put on a nice little gig at the 13th Note in Glasgow. Kochka, Blue Sky Archives, Campfires In Winter and Jonathan Sebastian Knight came and delivered. A good time was had by all.

So we thought we’d do it again. Thursday the 2nd of December, same venue. This time we’re showcasing Super Adventure Club, PAWS, Hagana and + more TBC.

Super Adventure Club:  a ‘hyper melodic uber-spazz triumvirate’

Look out for more info the coming weeks – and here’s the Facebook event page to click ‘attending’ on.

Feast yer eyes on what people have had to say about the bands:

SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB: “…glorious genre-defying, faux-horror quirkiness is something of a refreshing treat” ROCK SOUND

”This Glasgow punk/indie/WTF trio are the musical equivalent of South Park: funny and cartoony, but also faintly psychotic” FRONT MAGAZINE

”With an abundance of tongue-in-cheek lyrical quips and time changes that verge on the ridiculous, the unhinged power of Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle is like listening to Biffy Clyro play-fighting with Dillinger Escape Plan” KERRANG

PAWS: “Scuzzy, crunchy, dischordant awesomeness” A NICE MAN FROM ABERDEEN

“Wow. That is one of my favourite tracks we have ever, ever, ever played. I think they are going to do very, very, very well.” GLASGOW PODCART

HAGANA: “This EP is one of the strongest I’ve heard for a long time. Hagana’s tunes have a way of getting under your skin. This should see them sailing off into the sunset and towards well-deserved success. 5/5” EDINBURGHSPOTLIGHT.COM

“…Arguably the best Rock-centred release to land on the desk at LOUD HORIZON this year! 9/10” LOUD HORIZON


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  1. […] mentioned last Friday, we’re teaming up once again with Define Pop to put on another gig on December 2 […]

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