Brian Vass



This photograph was taken at a Lost City Lights single launch at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. They are an excellent band to shoot and I had a great time that night. The reason I chose this is that I love solid, balanced, contrasty black and whites. There was no pit at this gig and the audience were a few feet away from the stage leaving me room to manoeuvre, which is handy when using a prime lens.

Equipment: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D


This image is from the first gig I ever shot. I was a little self-conscious and somewhat apologetically took this image of the cello player of Withered Hand. She was an interesting subject as you don’t often see cello players at gigs, let alone one with a Darth Vader sticker on display. I also like the two vertical strips of lights behind her. The 50mm f1.4 does a beautiful job of throwing backgrounds out of focus.

e: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D


I had been listening to Everything Everything for a while and jumped at the chance to photograph them at King Tut’s. The guitarist (pictured here) was in his own little world throughout the gig; lost in the music, eyes closed, head moving slowly from side to side. This is the shot of him that stood out the most due to its composition. A reviewer at the same show commented that he looked knackered. I prefer my version.

e: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D


This is a shot from Sigur Ros lead singer Jonsi’s gig in Glasgow this year. I choose this as it reminds of a very moving evening. Possibly the best live performance I’ve seen. There was a moment when he moved away from the microphone and I captured this silhouette. This was during one of the songs when he paused and stood silently, along with the entire audience, for a good 30 seconds. Not a whisper. I got quite caught up in the moment and stopped shooting. This was an incredibly tricky gig to shoot as he barely moved an inch during the first three songs and the lighting was minimal. It was a good lesson in working with what you have.

e: Nikon D300/80-200mm f2.8


Another shot from the Lost City Lights gig. I wasn’t entirely sure about this one at first as it breaks some rules in terms of focusing, but I really do love it. His pose, the direction of the lights, and the flick of the lead made it too eye catching to pass on.

e: Nikon D300/50mm f1.4D

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