Cuddly Shark


If you’re a fan of _ and _ then you will like Cuddly Shark’s music. Fill in the blanks.

(Jason, drums): If you’re a fan of HEARING THE BEST MUSIC EVER and think Frank Turner‘s a pointless fart, you will like Cuddly Shark.

If Cuddly Shark had a motto, what would it be?

You know what, I just looked up some motto’s and the Salvation Army’s one is ‘Blood and Fire’!? What’s that about? That don’t make any sense. ‘Blood and Fire’?! It’s like if the Parachute Regiment one was ‘We like butter!’ So I say don’t give them any money for that! Ours is ‘We like butter’ now.

‘Cuddly Shark’ is a great bandname. Are you a fan of oxymorons?

Well, I’m the size of an Ox and Colin is a moron if that counts…

Is the Scottish music scene a good place to be?

Totally! There’s some amazing stuff coming out but you have to look for it. Gets hidden by the amount of kak that comes out. Oh so much kak! But the good stuff is amazing.

How many times do people need to listen to your songs before they’re stuck in their head?

If we’re on form we’ll win the crowd so one listen’s fine! But if we’re not on form 73 times. Good job we’re pro’s!

You’re signed up with Armellodie Records. How has that been for you?

It’s been tough. Al (the MD) is a bit like Colonel Parker. Takes 50% of everything and rules with an iron fist. It’s hard to write when he has his cane with him.

And finally, are you cuddly or are you pure shark?

Depends what Al wants on the day.


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