Euan Robertson


1. The Xcerts – Tolbooth, Stirling.

Having lived in Stirling for 5 years, it wasn’t until I moved to Glasgow that I actually made it to a gig in the ‘city’s’ Tolbooth. It was also the first time I’d seen The Xcerts play, having been a fan since hearing In The Cold Wind We Smile a long while before. The lighting for the support bands hadn’t been great so I was pleasantly surprised when The Xcerts came on and I managed to get this shot of Murray which I really like.

2. Bronto Skylift – Bothwell Lane, Glasgow.

I’ve been pretty lucky to have been involved with Detour Scotland for a while, but at the first ‘Wee Jaunt’ I was totally in the dark about what was happening. Rounding a corner and finding Bronto on the street was a pretty surreal moment. This is definitely one of the pictures I’m most pleased with. I took a lot during the really short set and this was one of the only ‘keepers’. Couldn’t have asked for better conditions really.

3. Alex Kapranos – A Caravan, Wickerman.

I had been down at the main stage photographing Futureheads when I got a phone call telling me to get up to the acoustic village sharpish. Running into a backstage area with no real right to, I found the Detour & Glasgow Podcart crews ready to film Alex playing a short set. There were only maybe 10 people there, some lovely music, and a really lovely guy. Great moment that I’m glad I ran in wellies for.

4. Dragon (Sucioperro) – King Tuts, Glasgow.

I love this band and have seen them loads of times, but this was the first that I’d had the opportunity to photograph them. I was pretty delighted to be at such close quarters, although in those circumstances I’m always a bit worried that I look like a fanboy with a camera. I think I got away with it!

5. Be A Familiar – Classic Grand, Glasgow.

I’ve been photographing shows for the promoters ‘Pelmet Nites’ for the past few months. This was their most recent show which was also Be A Familiar’s album launch / farewell gig. The lighting in the larger of The Classic Grand’s rooms is always pretty good. I saw the light catch him as he lifted his trumpet but missed a couple of shots. Thankfully it came back around exactly as it had and I managed to get the shot with his head caught in the light beam.

If you’ll allow me a shamless plug, I’ve just launched a new website where you can see some more of my music photography as well as the other things I get up to with my camera.


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