Rachel Sermanni


If you like _ and _ then you will like Rachel Sermanni. Fill in the blanks.

If you like oceans and travelling on trains then you will like Rachel Sermanni…There’s quite a lot of that type of imagery wandering about in the songs…there’s also a lot of references to food…so if anyone has a stomach I’m sure they’ll like it too.

‘Sermanni’ doesn’t sound like the most Scottish of names. Where do your roots lie?

Sermanni is an Italian name from the town of Barga in Tuscany. It doesn’t seem very common and all the Sermannis left in Italy were mainly women in the last generation and are now hidden as they’ve taken up other names through marriage. Apparently a lot of them are under the name Capanni. I think my great grandfather came over with family and started a chippy in Glasgow. We no longer own the place though..

What makes you different from all the other female singer/songwriters out there?

Not much makes me different from any other songwriter except that what I write is from me and what they write is their own and so we’re all unique in our own right…but that doesn’t mean people won’t stop looking for similarities, which is fine. People like to identify with something and I hope that what is different about me is simply my perspective on stuff. Everyone sees in different ways and it’s always interesting to hear how someone else sees what you see. And hopefully people who listen will see what I see and enjoy or identify with the view, or at least find something worth thinking about.

In what room of a house would your music best be heard in?

I think most of the songs would best be heard in the living room. With all the lights off. With the light of dusk coming in. And with the fire on. Yeah.

The Daily Dose saw you play the Mono toilets as part of a Detour event. How odd was it for you?

The Mono toilet performance was great fun. Sadly our excitement was a little dampened when everyone came in and all the reverb was absorbed, so our sound didn’t echo as mysteriously as it had done in our ‘soundcheck’…natural technicalities. But we enjoyed playing. People listened which is all that I’d ask for. The rest of the day was a horrendous amount of fun and it was the first time I saw Admiral Fallow play and so I will always remember it as something extra special for those reasons amongst many others.

Your Twitter says you were down at the Ryder Cup recently – was it business or are you a golfing fan?

The Ryder Cup stuff was a gig I was part of. As Gleneagles is hosting the 2014 Ryder Cup, my friend Roddy Hart and I alongside the wondrous pianist Geoff Martyn went down to play for some folk at dinners to promote Gleneagles…although I suspect it’s going to do just fine without all the advertisement. It was a lovely two gigs and allowed me to understand the excitement of golf much more! I’m a big appreciator of the sport now…

What was the last thing to inspire you to write music?

Last inspiration came from a concept I had about sleep and looking at the moon. Sleeping and stargazing, since the writing of my new song, have become solemn but beautifully liberating symbols of solitude, detachment and acceptance for me. Ha! …but it’s true. The song is probably going to be called ‘Sleep’ or something along those lines.

What is the biggest evil in the world?

I think the biggest evil is believing there is a big evil in the world.

And finally, why is there ash in cat food?

There is ash in cat food because that’s what the Egyptians used to feed their own, very revered and respected, feline friends. They believed that cats had dragons in their stomachs and the dragons would one day, when they were big enough, explode out of the cat and protect them from all ‘big evils’ and so they fed the cats ash out of fear and hope. It wasn’t really the cat they cared about. But the head of all cat food production is the only last living believer in this so makes it tradition to have a furnace provide ash for every gloopy pouch that goes out into the world from their factory in the middle of the Egyptian desert…


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