The Dillinger Escape Plan

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN/Garage, Glasgow/29.10.10

You’re playing the Glasgow Garage on the 29th October – how much anarchy on a scale of one to ten are you going to bring to the place?

(Greg Puciato, vocals): Shiiittt…you know as well as I do that the knob goes to ELEVEN. We’re dimming it and then adding one.

The venue has a pretty early curfew. Will it be an early night after the gig or a will it be a chance to get a bit rowdy?

I don’t think that we’ve EVER been in Glasgow and had it not be rowdy after. So I’m betting rowdy.

Does Scotland hold many memories for The Dillinger Escape Plan?

Well, about seven years ago we saw someone get smashed by a car right out front of the venue about two minutes after we finished loading out, and then later we witnessed a full on fistfight between two women in the middle of the same street. A memorable night for sure.

Your music is often associated with subdivisions of the ‘math’ genre, but were you any good at math in school?

I wasn’t terrible, but certainly not what you would have considered good. That is definitely the weaker part of my brain. Hearing people use the term ‘math metal’ or whatever is comical to me. Math, or thinking too much in general, is the last thing you should be doing when creating or performing any sort of expression based art.

How does your latest album ‘Option Paralysis’ differ from your older albums or is it keeping everything on the same path?

It seems like a natural progression to me. I recently, for the first time, listened to all of our albums in chronological order, and it really does seem like a natural progression. Nothing seems jarring to me.

In an age of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, are you flying the flag for real, honest music?

Honesty is, to me, the only thing that really matters. It doesn’t matter who can play guitar the fastest or the ‘best’ – it’s not a sport. It’s not some sort of competition. All you need is enough skill to be able to express what you are trying to express. For one guitar player, all he needs is to be able to write ‘Teen Spirit’, but if you’re Steve Vai you have a different skillset and a different thing you’re trying to accomplish. Neither is more impressive to me than the other. It’s the honesty and purity and feeling that matters. Miley, the Jonas Brothers…it’s still ‘music’, but it’s an exercise, like running a program, its not an expression of anything. It doesn’t interest me.

Energy is pretty vital for your live show. What do you eat and drink during the day to keep the energy levels up for the evening?

Tour is the worst place to try to eat consistent balanced food. My energy level is way more stable when I’m home. On tour it’s more like ‘Is that edible? Yeah? Okay give it to me’. Whatever you can find. It’s a scavenger hunt. Then you add caffeine, alcohol, various other substances….needing to have tons of energy at eleven at night, it can really fuck up your schedule and body’s natural rhythms. I tend to go to bed really late, like at seven in the morning – that way I’m not at the end of my day when it’s time to play. Eleven pm for me becomes like three in the afternoon for someone else. No matter what though, even if I’m exhausted, the excitement of playing our music gives me the energy I need. Even if I’m a second away from taking a nap one minute before we play, I’m always psyched the second the first note drops.

And finally, your music is known for its jarring rhythms. Is it the worst music possible to make love to?

It depends on context. Are you having a quick fuck like a savage in a locked bathroom or back of a car on the side of the road? Or are you in a candlelit bedroom? We probably are no good for the latter. It just boils down to: are you trying to fuck or are you trying to make love? We can provide the soundtrack to the former.

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  1. Ichorus says:

    Ha ha, brilliant 😀

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